How much time to explore?

How much time would you set aside to explore World Showcase during the Holidays?

Also, how much time at each resort? I would probably break the resorts down by location…AKL, Epcot resorts, MK resorts.

And what about the Christmas Tree Trail at DS?

Probably worth mentioning that I have a 7, 4, and 2 year old.

I would choose 2-4 of them to go and see. My choices would be:
Italy - La Befana is by far and away the best storyteller I have seen in a long time
Voices of Liberty (if the kids will listen)

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I was trying to put together a TP with all of them and it was so hard! This is probably the better choice. It’s that whole “fear of missing out” thing. So tough. I do want to make sure we try all the cookies though :slight_smile:

Ooh, I think I have one that I made for fun last year!

Let me see if I still have it.

OK, so here it is. It starts in France and then goes anti-clockwise around WS and finishes at Le Collier for dinner. No Candlelight Processional. The US pavilion only has the Hanukkah event, not voices of Liberty. I can’t recall why, sorry! I think probably I was going with all the specific “Holidays” Events. And also, at the time I made it they hadn’t confirmed if Germany would have one.

Anyway, it may give you an idea of how to do it. It allows plenty of time to get from one to the next, but not a huge amount of explore time. Cookies should be possible though!


For those ages, I like the PP idea of picking a few.

Last year we didn’t get nearly enough time in WS so this year I’m setting aside two days. Day 1 is PPO ADR, RD Soarin and then do fast passes for other Future World attractions. Start in Mexico once WS opens and do first 4-5 pavilions with a break for lunch. The next Epcot day starts in France, works back to our day 1 stopping point and then finishing with England and Canada. If this were our first trip, I wouldn’t attempt this plan.

I found resort hopping to take longer than expected and also be not all I expected. I will say that it was the only foul weather day of our trip so the resorts were more chaotic than normal and the monorail stopped running at one point. We did the Epcot resorts ad hoc as we were in the area or passing through going to/from other things. Skipped AKL and WL. Did a dedicated MK resort loop day for the others. I think it took about four hours - mostly due to the weather and transportation issues.

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I’m trying to see if this makes sense on my MVMCP day. We have an 11:45 at 1900 Park Fare so I was thinking we could park at TTC (we prefer our own transportation), monorail to GF, eat, look around, hit up the other two monorail resorts, then get to MK around 4. Maybe we should plan to explore GF before we eat.

We have an ADR for Story Book Dining so we will see WL then. I’m still trying to figure out how to fit AKL in.

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2 days for Epcot. I wanted to see all of the Storytellers, see all the decor, and eat at the food booths last December. We also did the Candlelight Processional which was fantastic.

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For the resorts, I would take a break from Epcot and go to the Beach Club and Yacht Club for sure. BC is my favourite of all.

For the MK resorts, only GF really stands out. Then hop over to WL and see the lobby. And if you’ve not been before, make sure to have time to explore the lobby, upstairs and see the Geyser. And if you like trains, go to the Carolwood Pacific room at BRV.

But FW would also be fun to do. You can do a carriage ride, or there’s a cheaper option of a hay wagon!

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And now I have to add in Ft. Wilderness. Way to go!

Absolutely plan on this! Just gotta get my plans a little more solid before the dining packages open up.

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Norway was my favorite, also like Italy, France and UK. As far as the Christmas tree trail, definitely worth seeing. A great way to walk off a nice dinner in DS. I would leave 30-45 minutes to walk thru.

We are touring the resorts again the first week of December as well. We are going the Epcot resorts on a day that we are in HS in the morning and Epcot in the evening. We will just walk thru on our way to Epcot. We are doing the monorail resorts a day we are at MK and not doing the MVMCP. We are starting at the Contemp with dinner at the Wave then going to the rest after. You don’t need a lot of time in each resort cause you really don’t need to leave the Lobby, its the transportation that takes a little time. AKL would be a quick bus ride from the park . WL and AKL have the most impressive trees in the lobby. GF is just beautiful. BW and BC have gingerbread displays.

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I’m trying to put this together as a plan too. I’m thinking RD HS, noon “breakfast” at Trattoria al Forno (Candlelight Processional Package), check out BW, YC (do they have any Christmas stuff?), and BC, then on to Epcot.

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The piece of the puzzle we have to wait for, Candlelight Processional Dining Package. Hoping for NPH for the first week of December. May mean some switching around but I am really hoping to see him. I have seen Whoopi, Gary Sinese and Jodi Benson so far. YC has some real cool theming in their decorations, but no gingerbread like BW and BC.

I’m hoping for NPH too!!! We are there 11/27 - 12/7 and I am prepared to move whatever I have to :slight_smile:

I saw NPH on his last night last year, he was fabulous!


During Festival of the Holidays, I loved the storytellers in Norway. I think that it would appeal to children. Personally, I enjoyed the band in Canada, too.

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As for YC,

They have a gorgeous tree with a train track running around it, which has scenery created for it too, snowy scenes etc. Simply beautiful!

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Looks like we are going to battle this one out LOL, good luck.

Well I meant move whatever in my schedule, not whatever people in my way!!! :wink:


Do you know if the hay wagon takes the same path as the Holiday Carriage Ride? We are a party of 3 adults and 3 children so we can’t all fit on the carriage at once :frowning: