How much time to eat

How much time do I need to allow to eat lunch or dinner at the following:
Sci-fi Drive in Diner
'50’s Prime Time Cafe
Whispering Canyon Cafe

What about breakfast at:
Be Our Guest
Tusker House


We did breakfast at BOG and preordered the night before. I want to say we took about 40 minutes and that was with us taking our time eating and wandering the different dining rooms before we left.

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I would allow about 90 min for a character meal. We’ve done faster, but it depends on when the characters come around.

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Akershus and Tusker House are buffet, so those take less time. The entree for Akershus is served family style, but there is plenty to eat from the buffet, too. Akershus can take a bit of time to wait to be seated. You are taken for photo pass with Belle first, then seated. It does take time for all the princesses to come to your table, though. But buffets are usually faster than regular TS.

When we went to 50s Prime Time they weee extremely busy and it took forever to get out of there. However, it could have been that particular time we were there. Our ADR was for 1:50.

It’s hard for me to gauge time, though, because DH has some pretty complicated dietary restrictions, so everything took much longer for us than it would have otherwise.

We typically budget 75-90 minutes for meals at TS restaurants. Keep in mind delays in seating - Sci Fi took forever to seat us last time we were there. BOG breakfast, if preordering, can be quick, but can also take forever for food to get out. Once, there were no clean utensils, and we had to wait more than 10 minutes to get forks :confused: I have done BOG pre-RD breakfast a couple of times, only to encounter crowds when we got out of the restaurant, it did not turn out to be a time-saver for us, if that’s what you’re using it for.

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I’ll have to look into pre-ordering, didn’t know that was a thing! Is that only at BOG or any restaurant with ADRs?

Interested in your pre RD experience. We are hoping to use it to get in early and save some time. What happened with yours that it didn’t work out? What time was your reservation/arrival?

Only at BOG that I know of. I think the new CS in the Pandora land at AK will have it too.

We’ve had two pre-RD BOG attempts that were between 8 and 8:20 on a 9 am open, and still failed to get the jump. As indicated, on one we couldn’t get forks to eat for an extended period of time. We’ve gotten bogged down (heh) with the payment line, and long waits for food. Also, especially if you’ve got kids under 10, in our experience it was just not realistic to expect a child to be bolting through breakfast. Frankly, knowing what the food cost, DH wanted to enjoy his food and coffee without being rushed. It took us easily 40-45 minutes to eat. Then if you’ve got any early admission of people at the main gate, you’re seeing people in park by 8:40-8:45. Just in terms of managing expectations, something like an 8:20 BOG reservation is probably not going to help. An 8:00 with a true 9:00 open might.

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So is akershus both a buffet and entrees?

Essentially it is a buffet, but some of it is brought out to you. It’s rather weird. I love the food. So, our last trip we ate there for breakfast twice. Eggs, bacon, and possibly sausage were brought out to us family style, but there were lots of things on the buffet as well. Like an enhanced salad bar.

im interested too, did you not get out by 8:40? where did the crowds come from. i would rather eat at crystal palace but im doing bog just for mine train and peter pan. what a pain.

oh i just saw your reply, shouldnt scrolled down further.

You might be interested in this thread too… as with many things in Disney it seems to be a combination of what your priority is and what Cards the Disney fates deal that day

I generally allow 60 min for standard TS, 90 min for CMs (assuming that you want to see all of the characters) and 2 hours for signature. But it also depends on if you are having apps or desserts or entree only.

I believe for dinner it’s both - you order your main entree which they bring to the table “normal TS style” but there’s also a buffet. “Taste of Norway” which features the finest Scandinavian Seafood, Imported Cheeses, cured and sliced Meats and a vast selection of Salads and Fruits.

thanks, i will check out that thread. we will be driving from pop…8 people so no taxi or uber and too many carseats. i know to leavvresort by 6:30 or 6:45 the latest. maybe paying the upgrade for preferred parking may help but then it might not be crowded in the am for spots. we had free preferred years ago but no more. id rather not ride the tram with two strllers to fold. i think i can leave them unfolded for the ferry.