How much time to allocate for QS food w/ mobile ordering?

I’ve read advice to allot 90 minutes for a TS meal and 60 for QS. In practice, how much does mobile ordering change this recommendation?

I’m trying to find an extra 15-20 minutes in my AK plan, and I’m currently allocating 60 minutes to eat at Pizzafari or Flame Tree BBQ. Both support mobile ordering. None of us are big eaters and we’re really just looking to “calorie up” before getting moving again. Would 40 minutes be unreasonable to plan around?

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I generally found mobile ordering made my wait faster last visit 11/2017. I don’t think I used it in animal kingdom. I often would order from my last attraction Before I started walking to the restaurant. Since it was a year ago, I wonder if mobile ordering has gotten more popular?

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A lot more people are eligible to use it now - at first it was just credit card orders but now you can use dining plan and they just introduced allergy menus.

Having said that, I have only ever allotted 45-50 minutes for QS even before mobile ordering and it’s rare that it has taken much longer.


I was there in September and felt like it never took more then 15 minutes to get my meal through mobile ordering and it was usually faster than that. It was definitely lower crowds when I was there so they probably played a role.

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