How Much Time for Galaxy's Edge?

We are 2 adults traveling with a toddler and huge Star Wars fans. (Well me, anyway!)
We plan on rope dropping SWGE (6AM EMH) and riding Smuggler’s Run twice utilizing rider switch.
How much time should I plan on for this and for some exploring Galaxy’s Edge and still be able to hit Toy Story Land before the park gets too crowded? Do Kylo Ren, Chewbacca, and Rey visit the land that early?

To ride Smuggler’s run twice at 6am with rider switch should take you no more than an hour. I would allot another hour for browsing and exploring. More time is needed only if you plan to build a droid, get a lightsaber, or eat a meal (and even that last one should be possible within the allotted 2 hours).

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My one regret on my girl’s trip is not having more time in SWGE. I would have loved to browse more and use the datapad in Disney Play! So, if you are huge Star Wars fans, I would allow yourself some time after you get the rides out of the way to wander around and explore.

In my future plans (excluding ROTR, since we don’t know much yet), I will reserve 4 hours - an hour for MFSR, 45 min for Oga’s, 30 min for a meal at the QS, and 2 hoursish to walk around and shop and play on the datapad.


Are they still kicking people out after a certain amount of time in SWGE?

No. You will be able to stay as long as you wish. The cantina was still a 45 minute limit when we were there on Saturday.