How much time do I need for Be Our Guest dinner?

Hey guys! :slight_smile:

I just got a reservation for BOG on December 30th at 10:20pm - yay, reservation finder!

But, I really want to see the fireworks at midnight, since on NYE I’ll be at epcot.

Do you think I’ll be able to make it on time to see the fireworks? I don’t need an amazing spot, I just want to get far enough from the castle so that I can watch the show.

Thanks in advance!

oh, and it’s just me and my husband, no kids!

You’ll be out in plenty of time!

I would not order an appetizer to save time but I think you’ll be fine.

Thanks, guys! I’m really excited about the trip, and i’m happy to know that I can do both things! :smiley:

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Consider ordering your food in advance. (Edit: I was wrong you cannot pre-order dinner).

SINCERELY order food in advance - we didn’t and waited 30+ minutes. I think BOG is an interesting place but it is not the BE ALL END ALL that some have made it out to be. I enjoyed my meal - but in retrospect - it is forgetable

But I don’t think I can do that for dinner, can I? I think the pre-order can only be done for breakfast or lunch :frowning:

You are correct that you cannot pre-order dinner. I thought I read that you could but I looked again and was wrong. i checked the Disney website to be sure. Sorry about that.

even if it takes 30 minutes to get your meal, let’s say that takes you to 11pm, you’ll still have at least a good 30 minutes to eat before you should leave. Skipping apps may help speed things along too.

Cool, thanks!! :slight_smile: