How much time at HS for this plan

Going during busy spring break time - last week of March. We know to arrive one hour before - we are driving which we have never done before - tips?

Have to get a DAS pass for son (not sure at what point to do this)

Must do will be MMRR.

High priority - Tower, RnR, Slinky, Toy Story Mania (i think Millenium Falcon might cause too much motion issues for three out of four of us)

Of course will try for a boarding group, but we will take that as it comes.

So taking Rise out of the equation, could we knock off most of these rides in the morning/early afternoon hours? Should we hold off on going to Guest Services until after maybe our first ride for the DAS?

You could create a touring plan and see but I would guess 5 rides in 5 hours is easily doable if you are getting there at or before rope drop. I would wait on DAS if you can so that you don’t waste the RD advantage.

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