How much sunscreen to pack?


13 days!! How much sunscreen to pack with us for a family of 4? We have spray, lotions and the stick for the face. Dont' want to run out and have to buy it at Disney...Thanks:)


Forgot to add that we are going for one week


Hmm. Interesting. To give you an idea, just one of us used a family sized spray in half a week. Although, think the lotions have more legs: just not as easy to apply. Suggest you guys carry at least a travel sized lotion with you to the parks to reapply as necessary.


I packed a ziplock with one travel-sized lotion for each day. It was more than we needed, but I decided to just toss each one at the end of each day and start a fresh one each morning. We're very fair and have sensitive skin, and I have asthma, so we avoid the spray. Don't forget the line where your hair parts!


SO. MUCH. SUNSCREEN. I have 3 large bottles packed for a 7 day trip and can guarantee we'll have to buy more, but we're a fair people. Never underestimate the power of the Florida sun. A nasty sunburn is a sure-fire way to have a miserable vacation. Like @SallyEpp_cot said, get your hairline! One of the brands makes a Quick-dry spray sunscreen that we use on our heads when we're not wearing hats.


We used two spray bottles, one large bottle of lotion, one face stick, and two travel size lotions last week.


The spray dosen't last long but is so quick for early mornings that I think I am going to bring a few bottles. We have to reapply in the afternoon as well. The lotion always gets in my eye and stings so I am going to bring a few sticks for the face. The lotion I reserve for limbs when the spray runs out:)


Don't forget the chapstick with SPF


When I used spray or lotion, I'd need to reapply 3-4 times a day and still end up with a sunburn, so I used at least one bottle per person per week for a trip. Now that I'm using mineral-based sunscreens, I only need to reapply once a day (and don't get burned), so it would be 1-2 tubes total per week for our family of three.