How much mobile data do I need?

My current U.K. provider doesn’t do US add-ons for mobile data, but their sister company does.

But before I phone and discuss it with them I need to have some idea how much data I’m going to need. And I have absolutely no idea! Nada. Zilch.

So I need your help. We have G+ pre-paid so we’ll use it most days. Mobile ordering and so on. I’ll also probably text a few times to US numbers and maybe a couple of phone calls. For 2 weeks.

How much do I need? @missoverexcited , @mousematt , @Shmebulock . Can any of you help?

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No idea, sorry. We were mainly using the wifi and only used data a couple of times. I just used my normal allowance. I bought Joe a prepaid sim - it only lasted a month from activation so I can’t even see what he used.


I’m really sorry, I genuinely can’t.
I didn’t use my data in the US at all. I just relied on the park WiFi, which was generally fine for a UOR trip, but at WDW it’s so important to be connected, so I don’t know if park wi-fi is sufficient.

@mousematt did share this with me before…

But I don’t think it works for Android (or just my phone or something I can’t remember why it wasn’t suitable for me).
Might be something that works for you :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:

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We used only wifi (Canadian cell phone) in August at both WDW and UOR and never had a problem.

I used Airalo during the week when I was working from hotels at WDW, making four hours of video calls a day. My recollection is that I used very little of the data I paid for because the WDW WIFI worked very well.

Airalo is only for data. Not for calls or texts. If your mobile provider does not offer roaming packages you might be out of luck.

You could get a SIM card to use in the US that would allow you to make calls. But you wouldn’t be able to receive them to your regular number. Or get texts.

So far as data is concerned I’d personally stick with WDW WIFI. As for calls and texts: you’re on holiday, lol. If you really need to talk to someone (family, I assume) there are plenty of free ways of doing that, e.g. FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, …

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You might be my hero @mousematt.

OK, so the calls or texts would be to contact friends over there for meet-ups, like “where are you, I’m outside Remy”.

So does WhatsApp not use data? And isn’t FaceTime just a video call? See, told you I have no clue about anything. :rofl:

Occasionally I’d need to contact my own family if we’d split up. Again, what’sapp would be fine. The odd text would even be OK, I think it might cost me 50p or something.

I was just worried about getting an ILL for Rose or FoP etc. I keep eating that the wifi is unreliable. We’d be in our room at that point though. But in the parks if I can’t connect then I’d need data to book G+

I can get data as a add-on (although I think I have to switch provider). I can phone them and ask them to explain it to me like I’m 5 - although a 5 year old would probably understand this better than me. I just don’t know how much I’d need. When the nice person asks me “and how much data will you need” I’d like to be able to say whether 1GB is enough, or that I need 10GB or whatever. And it might be their package will give me roaming too.

I just really don’t want to have to change contracts just to be able to use the WDW app.

So when you said calls and texts, you didn’t mean to and from the UK?

Do you all have iPhones?

We never had any trouble with the wifi except on buses.

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No calls or texts to the U.K. no.

3 of us have iPhones, youngest has a Samsung. Some way to communicate would be good but as long as I could contact another iPhone that would be fine. They would have U.K. numbers but roaming ability too.

So you can use Apple’s Messages and FaceTime (which can just be audio) to keep in touch with the family. All that can happen over WDW WIFI.

That just leaves booking BGs. I’ve never done this so I can’t speak to the value of having independent mobile service in preference to WDW WIFI.

I personally wouldn’t bother and it seems like @missoverexcited agrees.

If you do decide to get something, the code below will give you a $3 credit with Airalo. If you’re staying 7 days, the 1GB pack for $4.50 will be enough. If you’re staying for longer the 3GB for $11 is probably best as it lasts for 30 days.

The danger with using your mobile provider is that they may charge you a daily rate every time you use it and that could become expensive.

Also, be careful to turn off mobile data (Airalo or your mobile provider’s) when you don’t strictly need it.

Setting this all up is slightly complicated. Personally, I’d rely on WDW WIFI. Others may disagree.

The code:

Hey, have you tried an eSIM? Get US$3 off your first eSIM data pack from Airalo. Use code MATTHE1228 when you sign up or apply it at checkout.


Having a discussion with DH and coming to the same conclusion.

WhatsApp or FaceTime would be fine for contact between the family. Which would just leave contacting US based friends. I could do that through WhatsApp if they have iPhones or by PM.

The alternative I think is just a pre-paid sim and give people my US phone number. A friend has just said he bought a T-Mobile sim with unlimited calls, texts and data for £35 from Amazon.

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@mousematt, I know this is off topic but I just found this on the British Airways website. I can’t remember who you’re flying with but worth checking. Anyway:

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EDIT ** Scrap that. The US won’t allow you to take them in **


I’ve had some issues with WDW wifi, both at resorts and parks, so this is just me, but I’d be worried not having the option of mobile data.

If you mostly use wifi and data is just a back up, you’re not going to need much.

I don’t know how much data the WDW app uses. Maybe someone who has been there recently can check, my Android device only shows back 6 months.

That would be quite useful to know. Thanks.

If Disney WiFi is cooperating, I don’t use a lot of Data. If it’s not, I have used upwards of 5GB during a 2 week trip.

I also use Airalo. I usually just get the 5 GB plan. No issues using iMessage. My travel partner uses Samsung, so we communicate via Messenger.

I find no need for green text messaging or phone calls when I’m on vacation.


Thanks for that.

I’m thinking I’ll go with a T-Mobile unlimited data, calls and texts sim, if I need one.

Whatsapp will work for everyone I may need to contact, and the odd text or phone call won’t break the bank if I forget and use them.

The worst case scenario for poor wifi might be if I was on my own in a park and unable to book a G+ ride right on time. Hardly a disaster, and if I use alarms to remind me then I can hopefully find a wifi spot somewhere. Most of the time I’ll be with someone else who has roaming data anyway.

I guess it would be a pain if the resort wifi wasn’t working at 7am though.