How Much Medical Repatriation Insurance do I need for a cruise?

I’m going on Princess not DCL, but I am trying to decide if $50K is enough insurance for repatriation (Princess standard plan). My cruise is only Canada / New England so the risk of traveling a long distance is very low–however, I’ve heard of these repatriations costing $100K so I am wondering if I should go to the Platinum Princess plan that increases repatriation to $75K. I am in decent health and late 40s but I know that anything can happen.

When I was booked on a similar Princess cruise I came within 1 week of getting to go on I had both Princess insurance and another general travel insurance with CFAR, but I decided not to do that again b/c CFAR was just too expensive. I was pleased that I got a refund of my cruise far in a timely manner from the Princess insurance (this was for a death in the family) so that’s why I decided to just go with them again. Having 2 insurances was just not necessary in that instance.

Personally, I think $50k medical repatriation insurance is more than enough for US/Canada travel.

My employer has paid for employees to be medically repatriated and I’ve seen some of the bills. The expensive ones are from Asia (I’ve seen a couple in the $200-$350k range).


Is the Caribbean on par with the Canada/US? Or do you think more is needed? We’re only going Caribbean and have been shopping some travel insurance while we wait to pay in full & the plans I’m down to considering have some variability in the repatriation/evacuation front.

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If you are going somewhere with potentially subpar healthcare, you’ll want more than US/Canada. Because you may need to leave more quickly, potentially while still very ill ($$$).


Good to know, thank you!