How much does 8am opening change touring strategies for MK?

I know they’ve moved the opening to 8am because they anticipate it being busy, but I’m wondering how much we should adjust our touring plan because of the new opening. Specifically, the TP no longer uses my Peter Pan FP and shows a much longer wait later in the day for Winnie The Pooh. FPs are currently available and I could switchover a WtP FP. What would you do? Here’s a couple versions of TPs I’m thinking of. I’m wondering about RDing Haunted Mansion, as DD has become obsessed with YouTube videos about this ride. This way we could for sure ride it more than once. -with HM -without HM

For an 0800 opening you’ll be able to ride PP and Pooh without a wait at all.

I wouldn’t do either of these.

I would go do PP, WTP and Dumbo in that first hour from 08-09.

Hang on - I’m going to mock it up how I’d do it and publish here.

OK here’s the plan I would use:

It will require you looking to see if you can dump Rapunzel FPP at 12:30 and change it to a Tink at that same time slot. If not, you could dump Rapunzel FPP in favor of a HM FPP (but HM is easier to grab as a 4th same day whereas Tink runs out before you even arrive).

My thinking here is that Rapunzel is high priority - go see her first, and then bang out the rest of FL as posted. I’m betting that right before that break at 3pm your littler one is not going to be able to tolerate a20 minute wait to meet Tink but may do better with a wait of that length around mid morning after she’s done some super fun things. Then you can meet Tink on your way out of the park for your break.

I altered the Tomorrowland Terrace reservation to encompass all of the HEA time frame; it just cleaned it up some and kept things simpler.

Let me know what your thoughts are.


It’s not letting me look at the plan. Can you publish it, please?
MDE is giving me a hard time this morning, won’t let me change anything. I’m going to try on the computer…

I thought I did! I’ll go double check in a hot. Sorry

try this?

Yes, that worked! This looks like a good plan. I think we’ll see about returning to the park in time to do the people mover before the dessert party. And put HM on the maybe list.

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Here’s my version. Am I missing anything? Thanks for helping me!