How much do you stress over which park on which day?

i definitely spend way too much time on this.
for upcoming trip id like to do hs on a weekday but aftaid even at 64 days i won’t get a sdd fastpass. not going to do any in park table service so that i can switch days around at fpp time

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I’m really stressing for our July/August trip. Universal’s crowds are 9-10 on our dates (with have seven days to choose from). I’d like to buy express pass for one of the days but don’t know which yet :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Most Disney parks are 5-8 for the rest of our stay (further fourteen days) so I am not too worried about those days so much, although I am questioning those numbers? Our FP+ window opens at the end of May and I need to nail it down by then.

This is definitely part of the fun/stress of the planning for me - my family have no interest in planning but are nothing but supportive if things don’t go to plan :heart_eyes: I plan every park days (don’t book many adr’s though) but we always have days that aren’t planned which helps.
Having said that, at the planning stage I do think going on a long trip makes it worse. If I only had a week I’d have less choice and flexibility.

:point_up_2: What she said! I thought i had it set, then i bought hoppers so that changed things, then FPP day changed things, then CL’s increased so now I’m stressing about that… only 37 days to go :smile:


I with you guys. I have at least 3 plans, based on things like ADRs, Crowd levels and EMH. It all gets changed based on FPP though. I am hoping after that I can lock down a plan.

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And all of this is why I loved DLR planning so much more! And then we visited DLR and liked the park better, too. It’s just SO much harder to get to for this later NY family.

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Think and plan: 11 (on a scale of 10). :slight_smile:
Stress: 0

Plan based on good advice here to fit what will make your family happy (which may mean most rides, or may mean favorite treats, or may mean lower crowds, or may mean shows – it is different for every family).

And then once you have that plan, make the most of the plan that you have and don’t torture yourself with the alternatives you didn’t choose.


Since we like am EMH, it’s pretty easy to choose which park on which day.

Until they change the EMH. And until I can’t get the FP I want on the days that I want. And then I have to juggle our plans, FP, and ADR around one to two months out before the trip. THEN I stress out, worrying about how to best rearrange everything, what to drop and cut, and wondering which ADRs I can regain using reservation finder.

But, you know, the initial selection process? Easy and low stress :wink:


I’m having this problem now. My FP window is tomorrow morning, and the Dibb already says that the mine cart ride is out for the morning I was planning (60+2). Now I need to figure something else out. :persevere:

I feel your pain! Good luck shuffling things around.

Other than deciding which weeks to go, i dont stress on an individual day basis

Since you’ll have hoppers, I’d seriously consider MK on that party day for lower crowds. If the park tickets are the same price, but the park closes early for non party goers, those non party goers should consider staying away from mk, since their dollar would stretch more at a park with longer hours. I’d consider rope dropping mk, then hopping to a diff park after the parade, or doing hddr. For my money, I avoid the crowds as much as possible.

Yes! I stress a lot about which parks on which days. This year is a lot harder. Rather than 5 full park days, we’ll have 2 full days and 2 half days. We’re also getting hoppers for the first time. But the real reason it’s so much harder is all the uncertainty about GE. Our planned MK and Epcot days probably won’t change. But there are 3 time periods when we’ll probably be at AK or HS, and park hours will play a big role in our choices. (For example, on departure day we’ll have to leave the parks by noon. We’ll probably go to whichever park opens earliest that day. Right now that’s Epcot for 8 am EMH, but post-GE will there be EMH? EMM? Extended hours at other parks due to crowds?)

I made a plan. I booked ADRs.

Then questioned it all.

Then made a spreadsheet as someone else mentioned with “plan b” options and fast passes we want. Then I toyed around with TPs for those days and that helped confirm decisions that “seemed right” but had no basis in data (ie: always hopping to or from Epcot and not booking FPP there).

So now I know what my FPP priorities are and what ADRs might need to be adjusted. And I can relax until my FPP window opens in June. (Maybe. If I can stay away)

Having it all in one place visually totally took away the stress and was super enlightening.

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