How much do you spend per day in the parks?

We will be in the parks for 6 full days. Eating breakfast in the resort room, packing an easy lunch or going back to the resort for lunch, and then budget friendly dinner in the parks. No dining reservations, expensive meals etc. I see lots of meal options for $10-15 a person. This considered, is $20-25 a person for a meal and a snack reasonable per day? I’m wondering how much to budget for In park expenses less souvenirs.

Will your meals be at QS restaurants? I think you could do that: $30-32 per person. Make sure you pack plenty of water and ask for cups of ice water even if you order a drink in a restaurant.

If you’re very careful, a QS meal and snack could be $30 per person per day. The prices for food at Disney are insanity.


Really?! Ugg. I’ve been seeing lots of options for less than $15. Even a burger, at $13 a person plus some chips we bring in or something. I was really hoping to stay within $20 most days :sob:

I mean, you might be able to. It really depends on what you buy, of course. Add to that if you ONLY drink water, which is free, but we got tired of water so sometimes got something else. Plus it’s so hot so we sometimes got ice cream spontaneously, or needed an A/C break and sat in Gaston’s tavern with a cinnamon roll…

We really like food. hah

We did QS at resort for BF every morning before heading in. Ate snacks every day (dole whip, pretzels, drinks, etc.) and then 1 QS full meal… (we aren’t big eaters, and although we were there in April it felt hot to us, which made us less hungry). We spent around $40/day per person. Buy lots of drinks… gotta stay hydrated.

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I looked at Sunshine Seasons as a representative option as it has a variety of foods on the Lines app menus and was surprised to see the entrees listed at $10.99-$13.99. I don’t think they are that cheap anymore. A drink is $4 and a snack is generally around $5. I think $30 a day might be enough.

ETA and of course you can share, we never think the portions are big enough but we also like our food.

We plan to bring our refillable water bottles and some snacks. Will have a snack each each day bought from the park. But still seems like I need to budget more :rofl:

I think you can probably eat economically if you choose the right items. I’ve often felt that there’s far too much food for one person with some options. So four people could share three meals — mix and match, family style?


I budget what QS dining would cost me and then pay as I go out of pocket. I always come out ahead, but I like having the cushion.

Right now, QS dining is $52.50 per person per day for 2 QS meals, 2 snacks, and a refillable cup from the resort.

2 of my party enjoy alcoholic drinks and 2 of us do not. We also drink free water at least half the time.


buy a popcorn bucket and refill daily twice! Get your snacks and waters from Prime Now! There are tons of great snacks at Disney. As long as you and your kids know you are skipping all that you save! We did one mickey bar each and one special cupcake during a trip once! We just brought the rest and did popcorn. Everyone was happy. Any sealed non alcoholic beverage is fine to bring in. Lemonade packets etc. There are Disney brand options in lots of snacks you can bring from home or order and keep the magic hopping! If you have girls throw in sprinkles on the popcorn! Popcorn bucket was around $15 maybe? It works at all parks the whole trip. Refills were $2 I think. Obviously prices are Subject to change so check sometime near your trip.

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Buy or bring some Disney water bottles from home. It can be a keepsake if its new, a savings if its not. That way kids and family feel the Disney even when the drink is not bought from Disney.

When I went to DW with my sister the past two trips, we often split meals. Even a thing of chicken nuggets and fries was plenty for us to split. But we would usually have 3 meals a day and a snack/dessert. Disney food is EXPENSIVE. But I just make sure to budget extra so I don’t have to stress about it.

We are ordering snacks and bringing them with us. My kids will go nuts for turkey pepperoni and crackers…home made lunchable snacks! Things like that. I also figure if we eat a large lunch, dinner won’t have to be so big… especially in the heat won’t want heavy food? Then more night time snacks at the resort before bed if needed. I’m hoping. I guess I’ll plan $30 a person per day and try to come in under. I know 2-3 of us will be fine with kids meals for dinner which will be cheaper.


Just watch out. We do not eat less because we are hot–also you will want any inside air conditioning break to eat so don’t plan on just sitting outside to eat because you will not want to do that depending on time of year. you use so much energy walking all day you might need more fuel!


This is a good point as well! All those steps per day equals a LOT of energy burned… We basically ate whatever we wanted and didn’t gain any weight all week… which would never happen outside of The World. So that tells you something!

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Thanks for tips!

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I’m traveling with DS who barely eats anything, and I’m trying to watch calories. Our course to plan is to either share an adult meal, or order 2 kid meals. And eat plenty of snacks (thanks for that, DFB)

What time of year are you going?

So much depends on how big of eaters your family are. I can be full on a kids meal or share an adult entree. My husband eats an entire adult meal by himself, gets popcorn afterward & can still eat more! I’d budget higher & be happy with anything less.

Also don’t forget to add on 6.5% sales tax!

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