How much do you follow your TP's

I just made all of my FPP's last night/this morning. When I do my TP's and add my FPP's some of them don't use the FPP's and tell me to use them for other things. One day my TP has us meeting A & E first thing in the morning with a 15 minute wait. How true is this? I don't want to cancel my FPP for this but if we can get it in a few days earlier and use that FPP for something else I would like to. I am starting to get really overwhelmed and over thinking everything. Help frowning

I've gotten the impression for many reasons that TP's Achilles heel is during the first hour of touring. For example, I've been sent to not yet open attractions in DAK on an am EMH or first to attractions with traditionally low waits during the day. Also, I remember one if the TP programmers saying something about this issue. Unsure if it's been resolved. But, if the TP makes sense in the first hour, I'll roll with it. Otherwise, I'm much more likely to follow TP's recos later in the day.

We've followed both standard and personalized TPs to the letter without a problem, and have found the personalized ones to be very accurate - like @len was watching us or something. As @Sam2071 notes there has been some discussion about possible issues with RD wait times for certain attractions, but I do not know the status of these issues.

@Queen_bee can you send a link to that plan? I'd like the stats guys to take a look at it. I would not cancel that FPP in the meantime.

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I would love to but I have no idea how to do that frowning

Access your plan through the web interface, and then copy and paste the URL to, letting them know that it is a plan the @len wanted to take a look at.

Thx @brklinck, @Lentesta will do this later today, busy morning.

I still can't figure out how frowning where is the URL? Sorry I'm a lil lost when it comes to this.

Highlight the url. Rick click copy. Go to your email. Right click paste. URL is on the top of the web page. Usually follows a www

Ooooooh, I got it now, thx!

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