How much difficulty should I expect?

For our Summer 2020 trip my parents will be checking in 2 days later than the rest of our party. I know this means that I won’t be able to make their fast passes on the same day that I make ours. Should I expect major difficulty getting our fast past windows to at least overlap booking theirs two days later? It will be just the two of them. This will be my first experience having part of our group join us later.

I’m not 100% sure on this, but I think if they are connected to you on MDE you can “umbrella” them in and do their FPs at the same time as yours. Someone with more knowledge will hopefully confirm.


I have heard conflicting reports on this, so I hope someone can confirm it also. That would be awesome if it works that way!

I’m almost certain it won’t work if they have a package. If they have room only, I’m not so sure.

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If everyone is linked, you should be able to book their FPs with yours.

If they have a room-only with separately linked tickets, there won’t be an issue.

If they have a package, you should still be able to book for them. However, they cannot book their own FPs until 60 days before their package starts.

Occasionally there can be issues if they have a package, but the booking window should still open. There are few reports of this not happening, but it can sometimes be unpredictable. If it doesn’t, then once their window is open then include them in your booking for the remaining days, and try and add them to any you’ve already made for your own party.

The date-based tickets only affect the days for which you can make FPs for. Your booking window depends on the day you check-in, not the date the tickets are valid from.


In my personal experience, you can book all of the FPPs together 60-days from the earlier check in date.

Like you, we had two travel parties with different check in dates. We were all linked in the MDE and I was able to book all of the FPPs for the entire group even though our check in date was earlier than the other group.

For informational purposes, we had room reservations at the Dolphin and separately purchased park tickets from WDW. The other family, who checked in later had a vacation package (Dolphin Hotel and park tickets) purchased from Costco travel.

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Not sure this has been said yet, but your parent will have to booked on the same FPPs as you when you are booking before their window opens. The umbrella will not let you book them on a separate FPP. So just look out for that if you are splitting up your group at any point.

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Group 1 is on 60 day window, group 2 is umbrellaed. You can book one person on group 1 + people from group 2 on what they want and after finishing remove the person from group 1 from the party. The FP becomes un-modifiable until group 2 window stars, but this does work. It does take a long time.

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Thank you all for the replies. My reservation is part of a package and so is theirs. Sounds like some have had some success even in that situation which is great news for us. Will keep my fingers crossed!

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Interesting that it let you remove without affecting the others booked. Don’t think that has always been the case without the umbrella-ed individuals loosing their FPPs.

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You’re right, there have been cases certainly where they then get emails warning them they will lose their FPs. And a few cases where it happened.

I wouldn’t risk that with the new system personally. If you use the umbrella system, I’d keep someone onsite in the FP party.