How many people can you remove from an adr at check in?

So…I have a client that originally booked an adr for 7 bc local family was supposed to join them. They just told them today they aren’t coming.

So they still want to go, but they can’t find a new ADR for 2.

I know it’s a dick move, but can they just take all 5 people off the ADR when they do remote check in?

Yes, as long as one person shows up, there is no penalty.


Naaaahhh, Disney should have made it easier to modify; this is on Disney IMHO


All but one is the correct answer to avoid penalties.

And if there’s any guilt, remember that an ADR is not like a normal reservation at a restaurant where they may have a table setup and waiting for them. It’s just an agreement that when you show you get on the list type thing so dropping from 7 to 2 shouldn’t be that big a deal really for the Disney restaurant to adapt.

Think of it as providing an opportunity for a large walk-in group to get a table. So it’s for the greater good…


What all of them say. You just need one to show up. I’ve done this when my kids fell asleep and my ex stayed with them while I went to dinner. I brought him back to go so don’t feel too bad for him plus he’s my ex for a reason. Lol