How many park days?

There are other things to do in Florida???

Now that’s just crazy talk!

I realize that some Liners can’t fathom that the mouse isn’t the only thing going on in FL, but I enjoy a little break from all the noise and lights and make believe. A day by a pool and a family movie night go a long way with me.

Well. The Mouse and Harry Potter.

We were surprised to find out that the DVD player in our condo wasn’t just a prop the year we were there when a tropical storm blew over. We rented movies from Redbox and actually watched them in our room. Weird, huh?

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Oh! I did hear rumors of rocket launches…but of course, I pointed out that I already knew that. It is called “Space Mountain” and “Astro Orbiter” and “Mission:Space”. They seemed to be living under some delusion that it was over by the Atlantic Ocean.

DH and DS15 are on a road trip this weekend to Mt. Airy, NC to see Andy Griffith Museum. They took the DVD player from the basement and a movie in case the weather tanks (as predicted)!

In FL we’ve enjoyed visiting other parks and the Lowry Zoo and Kennedy Space Center. We also like shopping and eating non-park food in our rental.

Oh, no. You’re delusional, too! I hate to break it to you…but Kennedy died many decades ago.


He did. And the space center is expensive and 85% boring. (And Tom Cruise narrates an IMAX movie :nauseated_face:) but the retired shuttle is worth the trip and expense alone. :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:

We did Space Center Houston several years ago and really enjoyed it. I haven’t been to Kennedy Space Center since I was a kid. But there was a brief period of my life when I entertained the idea of becoming an Aerospace Engineer, and I started saving money to go to Space Camp in Alabama!

I’m really glad, now, I chose a different career path.

There are alligators all over KSC. Michigan is safer.

I don’t know. Have you seen our potholes? They can swallow your car, whole!

ETA: The running joke in Michigan is that Michigan only has two seasons: Winter, and Road Construction.

Well, until someone makes an action movie about your potholes I am sticking with my first assertion.

I almost completely agree with this take, except for the fact that it is such a relatively small amount of money to add on these two extra days. Even if you only use one of the extra days for a park visit, or even use it for something small, I think it is a pretty good value.

But yes, people should realize there are a few more things to do while in FL, not just parks…rockets and ocean, there are a couple options right there.

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Are you sure?


(Yes, that’s Michigan…of course, not really a pothole…there was a water main break under the road.)

How about this?


I do appreciate that the cost drops so significantly that your cost per hour of park time drops. BUT I’d have to calculate (personally) how many hours a day I am not using my tickets to see if I’m really saving anything. Like, if I now start later, leave earlier, or take longer breaks, I may end up not really saving money. And I can’t imagine seven days straight of immersion. (Not with so many other things at my fingertips.)

Is Hollywood calling yet?
Bueller? Bueller?

I think if I were to do that, we would probably not get as good a price/hour. By staying seven days we would spend less time in the park each day but overall get to enjoy more experiences and attractions because we can spend more days in each park. I know we would be wiped out by doing full days in the parks without taking breaks and even with a resort day in the middle we would either have to miss out on rides and experiences we would like to do or spend 5 full days without afternoon breaks. We are planning a night or two in Daytona Beach on the end of our stay, but it doesn’t affect our decision on park days.

Sounds like you’ve already decided!

I’m team 7 days. With such a small party, it will be easy to have a “resort day” till 6-7pm and just hop over to a park for fireworks and a couple of rides, and it will feel like you had a full day of rest. I can never do literal resort days - it has to be resort + something (be it DS, water park, beach, etc.).


yeah…lol I really just needed documented support for why we should do 7 days vs. 5 days to show my husband. However, I’m open to 5 days. I’ve made up touring plans to see what those days would look like and if something happens and we need that $80 somewhere else, I’m flexible.


I would absolutely do 7 days. Even if you did a late morning those 2 extra days and just popped in to use your FPs, it would be worth it to me. And I love what others said about more flexibility for weather/down rides. We did a 6 day trip (4 days with breaks and 2 half days) and only had 1 day at HS. It poured so we missed out on a lot of the outdoor things we had planned to do.