How many MagicBands do you have?

I’m sure some folks already have a complete set. Do some of you just like to get the same colors over and over again? Does anyone wear more than one at a time? Last trip, I wore one of each wrist, so it didn’t matter which arm was closest to the tap-spot and that seemed to work out pretty well.

I’m working on getting one of each color, then I’m not sure what I’ll do next. After my next trip, I’ll have four different colors and when I purchase a new Annual Pass I suspect I’ll get a fifth. At that point, I’ll only be missing grey and pink. As a man, is it ok to wear a pink MagicBand? I guess it’ll be a good conversation starter.

We have 8 between my wife and I. I’ve been getting a different color every time but my wife gets the same color everytime…

Band number 6 is in the mail on its way to me. Then I’ll have all the colors except gray, so I guess I’ll ask for gray next time around. Is there a way to stop them from sending you a new band? I barely know what to do with all the ones I have and don’t need duplicates!

@FlyerFan1973, it is definitely okay for you to wear a pink MB!

Thanks to split stays, I’ve earned the rainbow, plus some duplicates. I’m altering the dickens out of most of them. LOL

@WeHave2GoBack I was talking to a local friend who has the same concern about getting so many bands. At some point, I’d think they’ll start asking people if they want to use their existing bands. Even if they don’t cost much to make, the shipping and packing costs have to be considerable.

And, thanks for the reassurance about wearing the pink band!

I know, the packaging and shipping must be crazy. And I can’t bring myself to toss the boxes in the recycling, so I now have a giant pile of saved boxes taking up storage space - another reason to ask them to stop sending MBs!

@WeHave2GoBack: I’ve been using them to store all my park maps LOL. the maps fit perfectly. Otherwise, they are also good storage for pens, stickers, markers, etc.

We have at least 50 MB’s! Several trips and multiple split stays not to mention AP bands and Specialty bands (Darth, Yoda, and DCL band for DS4). We have all of ours linked together to form a chain for our Disney Christmas tree. Hope to have at least 100 before they quit sending them :slight_smile:


Ooh, great idea!

We currently have 5/person.

Each person in our family has one of every color, plus kiddo has an Elsa one.

I have one yellow one for now. In the future, I would like to get different colors. And of course, it’s okay for men to wear a pink MagicBand. Real men wear pink. :smile:

As for reusing them, apparently there is a little battery inside that will wear out after 1-2 years…

  1. Every color plus 3 gray ones, one of which I made a disaster of thinking I was Vincent VanGoh after a few beers. I will never attempt MB decorating again!
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