How many days?

Here’s our situation:

Travel party of me, my wife, and DD5. DD5 is probably 42 inches, but isn’t a fan of intense rides anyway. Wife is likewise not a coaster fan. We’ll be staying onsite to take advantage of FOTL, but the primary reason for going to Universal is to see the Harry Potter stuff. We’ll be going in late January, when crowds are 3-4. I expect that we’ll all go through the queue at Gringott’s and HPatFJ once, but any further rides I would be able to do using the single rider line.

Question is this: our current plan is to arrive Wednesday night, then have all of Thursday, Friday, and even part of Saturday if we want it, since our flight doesn’t leave until 3:30ish. Is that too much time for a family that is mostly interested in Harry Potter and won’t have to wait in line for anything else? I personally love the roller coasters and plan to sneak them in as I can, but that won’t be the primary focus for this trip. We all went back in 2011, and found there to not be too much to keep DD5 entertained, and it felt like we were dragging her from thing she couldn’t do to thing she couldn’t do. She’s older and more adventurous now, but it’s still a concern.

We’ll be at Disney beforehand and are essentially shaving time off of WDW to visit UOR, wondering if we’re allotting too much time to it. What do you all think?

Disclaimer: I haven’t been to UOR since long before Harry Potter. That being said, I think 2 full days would give you tons of time to ride the rides and slow down and enjoy the themeing, the stores, repeat rides that DD and DW like and just not be rushed. I would take Thursday & Friday and then just play Saturday by ear.

yeah, pre-Potter I probably could have gotten everything done in 2 days with absolutely no problem. Potter is really the reason we’re going, though, so that has the potential to change things up pretty dramatically.

Anyone been since DA has opened that has any thoughts on this?

We just did 2 days with park hopper. I have a DD6 that won’t ride anything with any sort of drop and a DD10 that won’t do any coasters with inversions. We spent loads of time doing HP and made MANY return trips to both areas. We rode both Gringotts and Forbidden Journey (kidswapped). I felt we had PLENTY of time to do both parks and were able to hop back and re-ride some things at the end of the second day.

You’ll have plenty of time with that schedule plus time to relax.

Enjoy your trip!

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2 full days in the parks is my bare minimum, the half days before and after will allow you to relax and enjoy the resort instead of running from ride to ride!

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Thanks all!