How many days

Hey - how many days should you plan at Universal Orlando? Going to be staying on site and will have front of line access / early admission etc. We have a 3 day pay (buy 2 get 1) also want to enjoy the resort hotel as well. I assume 2 full days (or 3 not so full days) should be good - right?

We saw pretty much everything is in two very full days, before Diagon Alley opened. Universal often has much shorter hours than WDW parks, so you may find that three full days will still give you plenty of resort time in the evenings.

Perfect - thanks!! Looking forward to a new experience - Kids now like roller coasters to looking forward to that. also will have front of line access so that should help out a lot. Wanted to be able to enjoy the resort a bit itself.

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Yes, we did the express pass as well. I feel like a lot of it will come down to how into Harry Potter you all are. Putting aside that stuff, you could easily ride everything and see everything in 2 shorter days. A lot of the HP stuff does not allow express pass, plus if that’s your thing, you will want to spend a lot of time absorbing all the details.

Do you need to / can you make dining plans at Universal. I am so planned out that it would be nice to not have to - but want to set expectations correctly

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I was there at a relatively non-busy time in early May. I did get a reservation for Emeril’s but I was able to call and change the time day-of for five people without issue. My sense is that you can usually get something much closer to the time and walk-ups are fine, particularly if you don’t mind waiting a few minutes for a table like in most cities. In my town, I would never try a walk up on a Saturday night, but I would on a Tuesday, and I am guessing the City Walk is a lot like that. Not many sit-down options in the park, so I think its mainly City Walk and the hotel restaurants.