How many days per park?


We are going on our first rollercoaster road trip in August, we are planning to visit 4 Cedar Fair parks. The issue is that we don’t know for how long we should visit each park. We already paid for Cedar Fair’s Platinum Passes and Platinum Dinning Plan, so everything from food to park entrance and parking is already paid for in advanced.

So far we are planning to stay 3 nights per hotel, so we can do 2 days at each park. On the day we arrive at each hotel, after a long drive, we are planning just to chill out in the room, and go to sleep, then the next morning we will go to the parks, same for the day after, and on the fourth day in the morning, we will leave the area for the next park.

These are the parks we are planning to visit in this order:

  1. Kings Dominion (Finally we decided to add Kings Dominion to our August road trip, thanks to some of you guys suggestions)

  2. Carowinds

  3. Kings Island

  4. Cedar Point

So the question really is, is it worth it to spend 2 days on each of these parks? or some of these parks, really required only a one day visit?


I forgot to mentioned that as before, we only care about riding the biggest, fastest and smoothest rollercoasters at each park, so 2 or 3 per park is fine with us.

Of this list, I have only been to King’s Island. It is a fun place, but definitely a one day park. If you go two days it will be to repeat ride or do smaller attractions. A great park, but not gigantic.

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Thanks darkmite2!

I would say it depends on when you go. Two days would be worth it if you are going when it is busier. Cedar Point we generally do in a single day, but you can’t get through everything. Even if you want to stick to the best coasters, you are talking about Millennium Force, Top Thrill Dragster, Steel Vengeance, Gatekeeper, and Maverick at least.

King’s Island, again, you can get done in a day…but two allows you to take more time with it.

We did two days at each of those parks last year, which allowed us to be more relaxed about it.

I haven’t been to King’s Dominion nor Carowinds, so I can’t speak to those.

Anyhow, I’d say two days is needed to do it all, and/or to make the days feels more relaxed. One day is all that is needed to do highlights, but you’ll miss a lot.

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Thanks ryan1, yeah we can do it each park in one day, but can we do it in a relaxing manner is the question