How many DAYS of FP+ can you book?

I have an AP, so I know the rules for that, but my wife and son no longer have theirs (we haven’t been going as often, so its not cost effective).

Anyway, I have been “wait listed” for an on-site trip that has a good chance of happening… So my wife and son decided to tag along and make a “longer trip.” Our plan is to stay at French Quarter 4 days, and if the wait listed trip comes through, we’ll do a split stay and switch to that resort… If it doesn’t come through we’ll head home. But that complicates things as I wont know for sure about the wait list trip until well inside the 60 day mark. (so we made one way air reservations at the moment, and will make the return flights after we know for sure).

Since we know we’re going for 4 days no matter what, I was thinking of getting them a 4 day w/hopper ticket and upgrading it to 7 if the wait listed trip comes through.

Can I make 7 days worth of fastpasses for then if they only have a 4day ticket at first? Or must I have a 7 day ticket to make 7 days of FP?

You will only be able to make 4 days worth if you buy a 4 day ticket. I would get the 7 day ticket and then book a back up plan hotel in case the wait list doesn’t work.


So… I purchased 6 day hopper ticket for my wife and son. We still don’t know about the 2nd part of the trip (the wait listed opportunity) yet, so its not booked.

And today was 60 days to our check in…

So I got online… Booked our fastpasses, BUT even though my ticket is Platinum Annual Pass (so no blackouts), and their tickets are 6 day hoppers (start on 7th, can use to 15th)… It only allowed me to book FP for check-in to check out dates of our booked stay(7-11), nothing longer (no 12-15).

This concerns me because in the past we’ve done split stays and made ALL FP for the length of the trip, both stays, at 60 days to first stay. (Feb 2018 we did 1 night Pop, 7 nights Poly, and booked all FP at 60days to Pop). My Father in Law did a split stay of on/off site last june (4 nights Pop, 7 nights off site) and was able to make all his FP at 60 days to pop.

Thankfully in this case it wont hurt us too much… IF the wait list goes through, there will be two days my wife and son will have…but one was scheduled for Disney Springs and Resort (pool) time… the other was DHS, but since we’re doing After Hours, we’ll likely have been on all the rides more than once anyway :smiley:

I’m just worried about future trips…

They changed things back in 2016.

You can only book for the length of your onsite stay at 60 days out from check-in.

But you will also get a rolling 60 day window for the rest of the days. So exactly 60 days out from the first day after check-out, you can book for that day … and so on.

However with your AP, I think you could have an issue. You can book for all your stay. But those days count towards the 7 days limit. So you may find you cannot book for more than 7 days in total.

Split stays onsite are counted as one for FPs.

If someone is staying onsite, they can book for others listed in their Friends and Family list who are staying offsite. Was your FIL visiting with others who were onsite? If so, that’s why he could book. Otherwise I don’t know. He should have been able to book for his stay, and then the rolling window day by day.

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You lost me a little with how you typed about the rolling 60 days…

We’ve always booked as much as 10 days of FP at 60 days to check in. Even for split stays. So for example last Feb (2018) we split for 10 days total, we booked all 10 days for everyone but me (due to my APH) on 60 days to check in on first stay. And my father in law in June 2018 did similar but his 2nd stay was off site.

So I expected that this year I’d be able to do the same… but I couldn’t for this March 2019 trip.

So it definitely changed. But not 2016. Maybe it’s more recent. Maybe with the new “pick the start of your ticket” thing?

OK, sorry. I’ll try again.

You can book for the whole of your onsite stay, split or not, up to 14 days and then day by day after that.

Currently you only have an onsite stay from the 7th to 11th, so that is when you can book for. You don’t have a split onsite stay, because you don’t have any onsite resort booked from the 12th to 15th.

Because of that onsite stay, you then get a rolling window.
60 days before the 12th, you can book FPs for the 12th.
60 days before the 13th, you can book FPs for the 13th.
and so on, until your tickets are used up for FP booking. Each day, the booking window “rolls on”.

This is how it has been since Summer 2016. Previously you could automatically book for 14 days at the 60 day mark, whether or not you had an onsite stay for that long. That loophole was closed, but they seemingly forgot about the rolling window.

You can check it all out on the DIS boards if you want. That’s when the changes were made.

I have no idea about why you could do it last year. It could have been for one of these reasons:

  1. It was because of the “umbrella” booking for of friends and family. Who booked his FPs last time? If it was someone who did have an onsite stay, or if he was listed under someone’s F&F list, then that would be why.

Anyone staying onsite can book for anyone else who is listed on their F&F list on MDE, wherever they may be staying on or offsite.

  1. It was a glitch

  2. He had an onsite stay and then cancelled or something like that.

Whichever, it doesn’t matter. Except it led you to believe you’d be able to do it again, which you can’t.

You are right, tickets now are not automatically valid for 14 days. I assume the valid until date of the 15th is what is showing on MDE? Otherwise you need to check it. But that doesn’t mean you can book until the 15th right at the 60 day mark unless you are staying onsite until the 15th.

Your AP, like I said has restrictions. You can hold 7 days of FPs or the length of your onsite stay whichever is longer. You should still get the rolling window like they will.

Ok that was easier understand. Thank you!!

Now I’m just scraching my head on last year’s trips. For ours I did the FP for a group of 9 of us. But both stays were on site. My father in law did for his trip. Unless he was BS’ing me, he said he was able to do FP for both his on site and off site combo stay the same morning (at 60days to check in)

The new “date based” tickets (that started in October 2018), when purchased not part of package, have different usage dates depending on how many days you can buy. Before it was two weeks from first use. Now you pick the start date and buy xx days and have 2, 3 or 4 extra days to use them (they have a chart somewhere that shows it, and they also tell you when you’re checking out. Like buy a 2 day ticket and you have 4 days to use. Buy a 4 day ticket and you have 7 days to use, etc)

If you buy tickets only and opt to pay for the “Flexible Date” option then you get the old style where you don’t pick start date and have 14 days from first use until December 31, 2019 to use them.

We didn’t add Flexible date and our 6 day w/Hopper tickets do say “Your tickets are valid for admission to multiple theme parks
on any 6 days from Thu, Mar 7, 2019 through Fri, Mar 15, 2019”. So 8 days to use.

And yup I know my AP limits of 7 days of FP unless I have an on-site reservation.

Is you dad linked to you through friends and family? If he is, it’s likely that’s why he could book for the whole time, even though he moved offsite.

No I dropped him since we weren’t traveling together. He went on his own at a different time.