How many days in Universal - summer 2019

Family of 4 , DD 13 and DD 10. How many days we need in Universal Orlando for each of the 3 parks ( not big on water park though)

You can get it done in 2 (not including water park). More likely 3 if you want to include water park. We did four in February (no water park) so that we could have more relaxed days (left parks each day at 3:00) and did several things multiple times.

So, if you are trying to be budget friendly I’d suggest 3. If you want to be more relaxed and have more opportunities, do four. IMO.

We skipped the water park in August and did the other two parks in two and a half days. We used the last half day to redo all of our favourites. We did have the Express Pass because we stayed at Hard Rock. I’m sure you could do without if you had a good touring plan, but it was lovely to be able to just do whatever ride we wanted whenever we felt like it.