How Many Days Before FPP Can be Reserved?

I am wondering if something has changed about the time prior to being able to reserve FPP.

Here is what my understanding had been:

60 Days +10 when staying in the park

30 Days for those not staying in the park

I am staying in the park during the last week of June and then staying a week outside during the first week of July. I had already made my FPP ressies for the time when I am staying in the park.

Today, I went to preview what was still available so I could prepare to make my FPP for the first week of July (when I am staying outside the park). I found that not only would I be able to make FPP for the first week, I was able to make ressies up until July 30 if I wanted to!

The days of my ressies are definitely over 30 days away.

Believe me, I am not complaining that I could make my FPP ressies. I just want to make sure they aren’t going to disappear!

Does anyone know if the time period has changed? Or do you think it’s just a ‘perfect storm’ of my plans that made this possible?

***And I should note that a couple people in my party aren’t even staying on property and I was able to reserve their FPP for over 30 days too.

I like to refer to the fast pass window as a “rolling window”. When you reach Day 60 it opens your stay and then as each day after your stay hits day 60 that opens . So on your last day of your onsite stay the next 60 days are open. This is great if you have an AP. Remember- you can only book as many days as you have tickets and you may hit the off site limit on fast passes (is there a limit like APs?). Also, if you do not have an AP remember you only have the 14 day window to use your tickets.

Also, yes- that glitch where off site guests linked to onsite accounts has worked for awhile.

Thank you for the explanation! That makes sense. Although I wish I was aware of this a bit earlier. I won’t complain too much as I was able to get all of the fastpasses that I wanted, but better times would have been nice (we always want ‘more’ don’t we?)

As much research as I have done over the years, there’s so much to continually learn in preparing for a WDW trip!

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