How many attractions can you get in during your visit?

Using Touring Plans as a guide, and a combination of Rope-Dropping, ILLs and LLs for WDW parks (so I did have to pay extra to accomplish some of these).

Below is how many attractions I managed to get in during my trip.

Note that I visited HS and MK two days each. EP was one full day and a couple of late day hops. AK was a half day (just too cold & wet to stay all day!). USF & IOA were two days, with hopping. Oh, and these numbers include repeating many attractions. (ie. it wasn’t 26 distinct attractions in MK, it was 17 distinct attractions, many done 2x).


I feel like we kicked butt in MK! Especially considering our 2nd day wasn’t full. We hopped to EP around 5pm.

I’m curious if any of you have ever calculated your attractions counts. If so, please share!

Most recently….28 rides in one day (spread across all 4 Disney parks) :slightly_smiling_face:

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I bet I can go back and do it using my TPs. LOL. Let’s see
Universal we did a scavenger hunt so some of our activites including playing a street game and winning a prize or asking the Night Bus Conductor certain questions or getting photos with certain characters. I’m going to count those things as attractions because in WDW they would be and TP counts character meet & greets as attractions but I wont’ count things like use the telephone booth in London.
USF (was a 7 crowd level and we had EP): 18
IOA (4 crowd with one ride of Hagrid’s on the previous evening literally 1 min before close): 12
MK (7 crowds): 25
EP (4 crowds but also extra evening hours): 4 (Just went during Evening Extra Hours and left that early and one of those was harmonious)
DHS (5 crowds) and left at 4pmish: 10 (skipped all the shows)
AK(4 crowds and left at 3pmish): 7 (skipped all the shows except ittbab)

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Oh fun!

I need to count sometime.

We started taking it easier once FPP became a thing, due to the 3 FPP book-ahead limit.

I bought a resale DVC contract so we wouldn’t have to worry about getting everything done in a hurry.

I remember TP’s Test A Touring Plans meet up back in the day- we accomplished a lot during the first couple of hours after park opening. :blush: Old School RD!