How long will a breakfast reservation at Hollwood & Vine

Just got a a reservation for Hollywood & Vine for 8:25 am. will this allow us enough time to eat before the park opens at 9 am. I guess that is cutting it too short. Please let me know. Just interested in getting into the park early.


Please disregard. I didn’t realize how expensive it is.

It is expensive as it’s a buffet, but you would get to see Sophia the 1st, Doc McStuffins and a couple of others, plus you can sign up for Jedi training before breakfast. If these things are important to you, it might be worth the money. At that hour there is a good chance you can be seated early so being finished by 9am is possible.

Thank you. No children and I don’t know the characters, just want to get into the parks early. I wouldn’t mind seeing the children interact with the characters.