How long to tour the worlds?

I’m tweaking my touring plan. I want to just alot a break time to cover the time we will be in the worlds. Is 3 hours enough?

World Showcase? Are you eating there too? I think two hours may be enough? Maybe three if you do all the shows?

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If you mean world showcase this can take anything from 1 hour ( for a quick scoot round) to a full day. All depends on how long you want to spend exploring ( my DDs could easily spend two hours in the Japan store alone). If you want to see all the shows and have something to eat then 3 hours feels a bit tight to me.

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i changed it to four hours just to be safe…!

We usually take a full day to a day and a half in World Showcase. There are so many interesting shops, scenic spots, food, drinks, and the CM’s from each country are so much fun to stop and chat with. Four hours will pretty much be walking through each one and stopping to look around for maybe 20 minutes or so.

We only have a day in Epcot…but we will know more about what we want to see on our next trip!