How long to get to Sana'a from AoA?

How long does it it take to get to Sana’a from Art of Animation, using Disney transportation? I believe we would bus to AK, and then wait and get on shuttle to the hotel property. Same thing on the return.

I would allow 90 minutes each way. Resort to resort I woukd use Uber/Lyft or a mini van.

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We always plan 90 minutes. We were at All Star Sports, earlier this month and did Sanaa twice. We bused to AK (which was less than ten minutes from Sports) and then walked over to the AK Lodge bus stop. First time we hit the buses and we were there in about 35 minutes. The second trip was closer to 50 mins. Getting to Sanaa early is fine tho, we enjoy watching the animals before we get seated.

If you do not get dropped off from your AOA bus on the same bus lane as AK Lodge, walk to the opposite end of the lane (not toward the walkway to the park), go all the way to the other end and use the crosswalk. AK Lodge bus stop is the end stop of the middle lane. (I hope this makes sense).

I just found out about the existence of the “Minnie Van.” We have kids, so can’t Uber. Is it a lot faster via “Minnie Van?”

Yes! I would say less than 30 minutes.