How Long to get from Boardwalk Inn to MK pre-rope drop?

We have a pre-rope drop appointment at the Bippity Boppity Boutique at Magic Kingdom (8:15am)… I think our best bet is taking the bus from Boardwalk Inn to MK, but I’m not sure how much time to allow.

Anybody done this? Thanks!!

I haven’t taken the bus from Boardwalk to MK pre rope drop, but have taken the bus. The good news is that there’s typically a resort bus early in the morning for pre rope drop dining and other reservations. I don’t know when it it, but ask at the hotel what time it runs (and, probably ask a couple CMs, since you don’t always get the same answer about this).

Later in the day, I’d plan to be waiting for the bus an hour before I wanted to be at MK. My bus travel times (including waiting for a bus and the bus ride itself) have been 30-50 minutes when traveling from the Epcot deluxe resorts to Magic Kingdom, and you’ll still need a couple more minutes to walk to the entrance, get through bag check, and the tapstiles.