How long to eat at Garden Grill

I have an 8:20 PPO reservation for GG in Sept. I started with 8:40 and have moved it 20 min so far. I still have 90 days, so I still may get it moved closer to 8. However, if I want to go to Sorin’ before the RD crowds, how early do I need to move my reservation to? On a related note - do they let you in earlier than your reservation if you are there? I have had some places that do & some that don’t, but never been to GG.

If you have an 8:20 ADR, get to the park by 7:30am. They will let you in around 7:45 and then you can head straight back to GG. They will seat you as you arrive. We had an 8:15 ADR and were the first ones in the restaurant and seated. We were done with our food and seeing all the characters by about 8:35/8:40 and we were not rushing. We then headed down to Soarin and were let into the queue around 8:45/8:50.

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We are in the same boat for mid September, but still have our 8:40 time slot and haven’t been able to move it at all yet. Make sure to put in a reservation finder request for an earlier time. I’ve missed one as it came at 3am.

great! - thank you that is what I was hoping to hear :sunny:

When you mention entry time into EP at 7:45 do you mean the main gate? Do they open the International Gateway at the same time? I recall being nervous a few years ago about making a PPO at GG and being held a bit at the IG.

Yes the main gate. It isn’t always exactly at 7:45. My understanding is the IG opens around the same time.

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We had an 8:25 reservation in Oct 2016. We were let in at 7:45, took a few pics and arrived at GG early but did have a short wait to be seated. We did get in before our reservation time and could have been finished our meal in time to beat rope drop crowd if we had wanted to do so.