How long on Railroad?

I’m a bit confused on how the touring plans deal with train rides at Magic Kingdom. We need to travel from Fantasyland all the way to Frontierland. How long will this take and how do I put it into the plan?


The duration for a full cycle around the park is showing as 20 minutes. There are 3 stops. I would figure about 7 minutes for each station - so if going two stops (Fantasy to Frontier) I would estimate 14 minutes. If you don’t want it to show as a full cycle (20 mins) you could put it in as a break and label it “Ride Railroad” and put the details as Fantasyland to Frontierland, show duration of 14 minutes

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Anther thing about putting it in the plan is that it assumes you’re riding the train all the way back to the Fantasyland station and then walking to whatever your next Frontierland attraction is, so it will allot a bunch more walking time.

I usually just let it do its thing, which just builds in more cushion time to cover a slightly longer line somewhere, getting a snack or shopping, or maybe doing a ride again if the line isn’t long.

If you are riding the train “because you want to ride the train”, then the above are all good recommendations. But taking the train will virtually NEVER be faster than walking if that’s what you had in mind.

Not faster but a nice rest and an easy way to get from place to place

Thank you for the responses! Very helpful. We are planning to do the Dumbo/circus stuff and then resting on the train on the ride to do Splash Mtn and the Pirate stuff. I think this will work. Thanks!!

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Good plan!