How long is the typical RotR wait if you rope drop?

If you rope drop RotR how long is that typical wait?

I’m not sure there’s any real answer to this because it depends on so many things. How long before opening are you planning to get there? Are you staying on site and taking advantage of early entry? When are you going?

Oh yeah. Sorry…staying at boardwalk…planning on getting there as early as possible…30 minutes bf park opens.

We got to HS at 7:30am and there was a line outside of SWGE. The line started moving to RotR at 7:45am. We were done with the entire attraction before 8:30am. This was at the end of November 2021.

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There are a lot of factors as previously mentioned, including time of year. If you are going during a holiday weekend it’s going to be much longer than say late September.

If everything goes smoothly and you really focus on being on time / early for on-site guest EE you can be done in less than an hour. (if it is running on time / at park open)

Here’s some recent actual waits just after 8am.

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There was no rope drop or crowd to speak of when we did HS on a day with 8:30 EE when we arrived at 7:40ish - we walked straight through security, taps, into a line for MMRR. We’d stuck out a break down the night before to ride ROTR late at night so we didn’t get in the ROTR line that morning. But the ride was down again - and did not come online until well after regular park open and fairly deep into the morning. (We patted ourselves on the back.)

I don’t think it’s uncommon for it to be down in the morning, so I’d consider that in my expectations.


From what I’m seeing, they seem to let people in the park around 7:30-7:40…
I’ll be going may 31-june 7. staying at the boardwalk. If the wait is around 60 minutes I’ll be happy with that.

For offsite guests is it worth heading straight for RotR at rope drop or will there already be a long line from the onsite guests being allowed in 30 mins early? We plan to visit the last 2 weeks of June and will visit Hollywood Studios on Crowd Level Days = 5 or 6. And how long before official park opening time do they let offsite guests in?

According to Becky Gandillon of the touring plans blog, it is not. You will already be behind the onsite guests who went there and have yet to ride and any offsite guests that you are behind at the tapstiles. She says to wait for mid-morning to get in line when there is a lull in wait times or to wait for the evening.

The waiting for the evening scares me a bit as Rise goes down for an average of 2 hours per day, and waiting late could mean no ride at all for our upcoming trip (our first since Rise opened).

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"She says to wait for mid-morning to get in line when there is a lull in wait times "

She’s suggesting that there will be a drop in wait times around 9-10? Seems completely incorrect.

Yep, and they have data to support that. Go to the link below, back up a day (or 2 or 3, etc.) and on most days the reported actual wait times will rise quickly after the park opens to day guests, but around 10:00 it drops and stays lower until early afternoon when it rises again.

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That user submitted 26 minute wait time for Rise of the Resistance at 10:11am just seems crazy and not accurate. If it is though, that’s really crazy.

Could be an anomaly, or could be bad data. But click back through previous dates and you’ll see nearly everyday has that mid-morning lull.

I have sometimes gone against against a touring plan, and have regretted it every time. Our mantra on our Disney vacations is “Trust the touring plan…trust the touring plan…”

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I can provide my experience rope-dropping Early Entry on Mon, March 21 at HS.

Regular park open was 8:30am with Early Entry at 8:00am.

Arrived in rideshare to a closed parking booth at 6:56am. They opened promptly at 7:00am.

Rideshare drop off was a ways away, so jogged from there to the park entrance - took a few minutes.

Early Entry validation folks were stationed before security. Got through those and security with no wait.

Arrived to every tap-point at least 12-20 people deep. Skyliner and bus guests definitely got a big jump on anyone arriving via car.

Picked the shortest line - tap-points opened up around 7:35am and we jogged/fast-walked directly into the outdoor Rise queue. We were roughly 50 people from the very front of the line. Hundreds of people got through the tap-points before us, but our rule-breaking jog had us pass a TON of people on the way to the queue.

They opened the Rise queue around 7:55am and we were in the first 2-3 pre-show groups.

Hope that helps!


There’s also the idea that by 11 everything in the park will have long wait times but not all the shows will have started yet, so you might as well do your long wait at Rise here when there’s not much else to do.

@cmillar Thanks for sharing! EE is so short so I appreciate your tips on how to maximize it!

On April 22nd, we arrived at 7:03am for on site early entry at 7:30. They started letting people in @ 7:15. We were not at the front of the pack at all & we got up to ROTR @ 7:25 & started the ride by 7:45. We watched the wait time on the app go up to 90 minutes while we waited. If you don’t have early entry - it’s probably not worth it. After ROTR we rode RnRC with about a 15 minute wait.