How long is a "break"?

We (DH, DD7, DS7 and I) will be traveling to WDW as a family for the first time late this August. After careful thought, we have decided to follow the unofficial guide’s wisdom and tour early, take a break, and then stay late. We have park hoppers and our plan is two park days, then a water park/break day, then two more park days, then water park day, then home. My question is how long of a break do I need in our touring plans to get back to Pop, actual rest or swim, and then get back to the parks? Is three hours enough? I have a more detailed itinerary below if that helps.

FWIW, we are an energetic family, we’ll have the DDP, we are staying in preferred rooms at Pop Century and we are more ride- than character- focused. Outside the Disney bubble, our kids are in bed around 8:30 pm and wake up around 6:30 am.

TIA for all your hard earned Disney wisdom!

Arrival day: flight lands around 2pm.  Check our hotel, maybe disney springs, maybe just do a monorail or boat ride to get the lay of the land.  Go to bed EARLY!

Day 1: 
AM: HS, plan to arrive 45 minutes before opening. Rope drop SDD, do as much as we can (ideally TSMM, RnRC, Star Tours and maybe TOT) before QS lunch around noon, then back to the hotel for rest.
PM: MK, including dessert party with HEA (birthday gift to our almost 8 year old twins).  Planning on using FPP at MK and wondering what time to make the first pass for.  Hoping to get FPP for 7DMT, BTMRR, and Splash and to do what we want in Adventureland and Liberty square.

Day 2:
AM: AK: touring plan doing everything we want including a TS lunch at Yak and Yeti has us ending around 3pm (assuming we can get a FOP FPP)  Plan to get FPP for FOP (please Disney gods!), KS, and KRR.  
PM: 5:30 Mama Melrose reservation (the kind that includes the reserved seating for Fantasmic).  Do any rides we didn't get to the morning before, then Fantasmic, then bed.

Day 3:
Blizzard beach, early dinner at Sanaa

Day 4:
MK all day.  Park opens at 7am (it's SWGE grand opening day).  Plan to get there a little before 7.  Do as much of Tomorrowland as we can during EMH.  Then Fantasyland, then repeat or fill in anything from the previous MK afternoon we didn't get to. Hope to get FPP for 7DMT, Space Mountain, and BTMRR.  BOG lunch at 1:10.  Plan to watch the parade and then back to the hotel for rest. 

We have dinner reservations for the Wave at the Contemporary for 7pm.  We may change that if we don't want to schlep all the way over to the Contemporary from Pop.  We made those before the extra early magic hours were announced.  That said, the menu really appeals to us and we're curious to check out the Contemporary, so we'll probably keep it.

Day 5: 
Epcot all day.
AM: Plan to get to IG around 8:30 am either via skyliner or Lyft to hotel and then walk. RD FEA. Our touring plan in future world ends around 1:30 pm including time for early lunch at Sunshine Seasons.  It'll be F&W so we are hoping to use some snack credits at the booths also.  FPP for Test Track, Spaceship Earth and LWTL (last one is a throwaway in the hopes we can score Soarin' at the 11:31 drop).

PM dinner reservation at 7pm in WS.  Kids say they really want to stay for Illuminations, but we'll see.  We hope to do some of the Agent P stuff (I've taken notes on which countries people like best for that), check out shows, and just wander around.  

Day 6:
Typhoon Lagoon day.  Dinner at 'Ohana at 7pm.  Hope to watch final fireworks from beach at the Poly.  May check out Disney springs for souvenirs in between Typhoon Lagoon and dinner.

Day 7:
Home :frowning:

If you are using Disney Transportation, buses, allow about 45 minutes each way to get to & from a park to the resort and your room - more or less, but approximate. (This may change when the skyliner opens, but no exact opening date is set.) If you have a car you can cut this time down by half. Then allow how much time you wish for naps / pool.

4-5 hours for us to make it really feel like a break. We use Disney transportation. 12-1pm (ish) leaving the park and returning 5-6pm (ish). This works well as long as the park hours are not shortened.

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We like an afternoon break. We like opening a park. I think we must be fairly lazy people. And noise, heat, humidity and noise and people can get to be too much rather quickly.

I think the break is more for over stimulation of some of the adults rather than the kids.

After a few trips of too short breaks, we’ve realized we need to stop and eat as close to 11:15 as possible.

We are not as cranky and the wait for food is not as long. Stopping even at 11:45 can mean long lines and hangry folk.

We return to our resort after eating. This allows for travel, cool quiet and feet up, and travel to the next park. Probably arriving between 4 - 5 pm.

So we’re probably getting a total break of three hours.

And what a break! At a WDW resort.

What’s really great is when housekeeping arrives to do the room check while everyone’s chilling.

Lots of puzzled looks all around.