How long from MCO to 1st FPP

We will arrive at MCO at 9:15am. If we take Disney bus to GF, to check-in, then head to MK, when should I make my first FPP??

What if we opt for Uber, Lyft, or Minnie Van instead??

Hi, my flight is also landing at 9:15 for our late April/early May trip. I booked our first fast pass for 1:45-2:45 at Epcot. We are doing the magical express, staying at Poly. I’m hoping this will give
us time to have lunch and maybe kids will have time for a quick swim before we head to Epcot

Assuming that 9:15 is plane landing time, you’ll have several minutes to de-plane, several minutes to get to Magic Express Check-in, and you may have a wait in that queue to your bus. (Your first of many Disney lines). Probably on the bus or car service by 10:00am unless it is a holiday.

The Disney Minnie van is on-property. They won’t do the the airport. You’ll get a normal Uber or Lyft, or there are good sedan/SUV car services you can pre-arrange online.

The Drive is 40-45 minutes. One significant difference between the Magic Express bus and a private car service, is if your bus goes to your hotel first, or makes another stop or two first at other nearby resorts. So maybe a 30 minute difference between bus and car service, if your bus makes other stops. The other significant difference, If you are signed up for Magic Express, any airline checked luggage will magically appear in your room later (they will send you tags in the box with your Magic Bands). You do not need to get it from airline baggage. that just leaves you and carry-ons.

Check in at your hotel, pass carry-ons over to bell services to hold (I put a lock on them. Don’t forget about cash to tip anyone helping with bags), then to the monorail to MK. Probably at the gate a little after 12:00. Thats all assuming your plane is on time. I would wander around Main Street, and plan on a first ride around 1:00. If you have a 1:00 FP, you’ll have until 2:00 to use it. Your plane would have to be really late to miss that. If you have a earlier FP and your plane is late, your hour window may expire before you get there.

We are empty nesters, and see no reason to rush on vacation. Yes you could do it quicker with more energy, but thats a ball-park. Your plane is the big unknown you can’t control.

Sometime in the afternoon, you’ll get a text of your room number, when your room is ready. Your magic band will open your room door, and your checked luggage should be there (if you use Magic Express).

This is not true. Minnie Vans can be booked in advance from MCO to the WDW resorts. My family took a Minnie Van from MCO to BLT. Very pricey at $150 one way, but we did it for a number of reasons and were happy with the service (FWIW - I think the price is $155 each way now.)

In terms of the Magical Express, it is my understanding that GF is usually the first stop (no guarantees) so that helps in terms of timing.

When we went two years ago GF was the second stop. Poly was the first. I think it changes sometimes it is only Poly and GF on magical express. I’ve heard that during “slower times” all 4 resorts around MK can be part of the stops.

Like davej said You can get a Minnie Van at the airport but it is going to cost you. But, it may be worth it to you to not have to wait!

Wasnt aware they changed Minnie Van service to airport. Why is a Minnie Van an option at $150?
There are dozens of high-end sedan/SUV car services that can be pre- arranged for $70 each way. Uber and Lyft are cheaper than that, and Magic Express is included free, and takes your airline luggage.

I just realized. At $150 each way, that’s more than my plane ticket. Haha. Minnie van wont be an option for us.

For that $70, will they provide 2 car seats (rear facing for a 1 y/o and front facing for a 3 y/o) and go with you to the luggage area to collect your luggage and bring it to the van. I suspect you would find the price to be higher with those add-ons. Also, if you call the car service in advance will they be able to tell you what kind of carseats they have available and how old the carseats are?

We took the Minnie Van because we decided that with the very little ones, it was in our opinion the safest/fastest option. And once you add on the 2 car seats and help with luggage options to the other car services, the price difference is relatively small in the context of the overall cost of a WDW vacation.

We dont have little ones so i never priced it. But looking quickly online, still $70 for sedan or $75 for an SUV

I think I like the idea of a car service. We will be a party of 5, no small children. Does anyone have a car service that they recommend??

There are dozens of car services online.
When we are in Orlando for non-Disney hotels. We have used an SUV from Orlando Limo Tours. They will of course take you to your Disney hotel. The earlier screen shot was from there. Otherwise we use Magic Express bus.

The ride time from MCO to Disney all depends on time of day. Prior to my trip a couple of weeks ago, I kept reading 40-50 minutes was the norm for the Magical Express from the airport to WDW, but as soon as I got on the bus, I opened up my Google Maps app and plotted the course from the airport to our resort and it was only 24 minutes. I followed the route the entire trip. The bus never deviated from what Google Maps was showing, and we indeed arrived within 24-25 minutes. Traffic was moderate. I did the same thing on our trip back to the airport from our resort and the ride time was about 27 minutes. Maybe 40-50 minutes is during rush hour traffic or during inclement weather or because of road construction, but other than that, I don’t see why people are saying 40-50 minutes from the airport to the resorts is the norm.

I have had the 40-50 minutes when I am the last stop for the bus, or the first one on the way back. It was a full hour last trip at 3:30am from AKL Kidani. I was the first stop picked up and there were 3 more after us.

Last visit for us it was two hours from getting of plane to arriving at the MK. This included waiting to board ME, waiting for ME to fill, AoA drop off, dropping off carry on backpacks at bell services, and boarding a waiting MK bus.

I-4 can be a parking lot. I’ve had family that lived around Sanford and others that lived in Kissimmee, that should be a 20 min trip. At times it has taken me over an hour but on the average it is about 30-35 min.