How long for security and how early to arrive?

How much time should I build into my timing to get through security at each of the parks? We want to be there for RD.

Also, how much earlier than RD should I be standing at the tapstiles for each of the parks if I want to ride a headliner?

Low crowd days: 15 minutes for security and be beyond security 45 minutes before RD.
Someone else will chime in for high crowd days I’m sure.
Have a great time!


For AK if you want to RD Flight of Passage you need to be at the park at least an hour before park opening.

For DHS, if you want to head to Toy Story Land, I would be there 45-60 minutes before.

At MK, if the park opens at 9am, everyone is allowed onto Main St at 8am, and gather at the Hub. So to be at the front for the mad rush to 7dmt you probably need to be at the TTC by 7:15.


Are those number already through security?