How long for reservation finder to find you something?

How long does it usually take you to get a text that reservation finder has found you something, and what are your parameters?

I have three set up and have heard nothing in 2 weeks. I have just selected one day, chose a specific time, and am looking for a party of 4, 6, or 10 at BOG. Is this too specific? TIA for your thoughts!

I think the problem is the combination of BOG (very popular), one day and the party size of 4, 6 or 10. I think you just need some patience here and/or be flexible about the date.

I got reservations at Cindy’s and BoG by putting in breakfast/lunch/dinner rather than a time and got something within a few days. The ones where I put a time have not returned anything.

I didn’t hear anything for weeks, then I received a few alerts that although my phone was in my hand when the alert came through- I did not get it. I finally got the exact one I wanted! Sometimes it takes a while. BOG can be limited based on the party times (make sure if it is a party day you are looking before 6:00). Sometime they release more too.

I have gotten CRT, CG, (two biggies) and several others within 24 hours

Depends on the restaurant. Some, like BOG, may take days or weeks before something pops up, and even then, it might not be an ideal time slot (btw, you definately want to use the broader “Breakfast,” “Lunch,” or “Dinner” searches for more popular restaurants).

That said, once something is available, you’ll get pinged within minutes. I tested it out by creating an alert for a restaurant and time that I knew was available, and I got a text within 2 minutes.

BOG on a Friday night for dinnertime months. Others took a couple of days. Some took hours. Be aware they usually come thru in the middle of the night. Lol. I didn’t care but the first time I got a text at 2 am I got startled

Thank you all! I have split BOG reservations for my large group already, so I really am looking to be picky and get the 10 of us together or move one or the other reservation closer together in time. It is during MVMCP time but not on a party night, on a Wednesday at 4 or 5pm that I’m aiming for. I’ll just keep waiting! If we don’t get our changes we still get to eat dinner there so it’s all good. Thanks again!