How long for QS?

Is there a standard rule for how long to plan for QS meals? Is it dependent on the time of day? For example, there is a day or two that we will likely plan lunch around normal hours but a day or two, we may want to do a late lunch (2:30-3:30 time frame). I don’t want to shortchange my plan by not accounting for lines at the QS location, etc.

During prime dining time 45-60minutes. Off times 30-45 minutes. I sometimes find that if I try to go at peak times QS can be almost as long as TS.

That’s my concern! I’d planned 30 minutes in my plans but was questioning myself! Thanks!

Generally we plan for 45 minutes. We usually don’t take that long but it allows us to account for a crowd at the queue or just a chance to linger longer and enjoy some cool air and a place to sit. Unpopular with some, but we do sometimes sit a little bit after we are finished eating.

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