How long for meals?

I’m trying to come up with a good touring plan for a HS day. We have ADRs for the Disney Jr. character plan and dine at Hollywood & Vine (buffet) at 9:20 AM and lunch at Mama Melrose (Fantastic package) at 2:50. I was thinking of allotting 75 minutes for breakfast and 90 for lunch but I’m wondering if that’s far more than we’ll need? I don’t want to rush the meals, but I also want to maximize our time elsewhere.


I think those times are “safe”. It may take you 15 minutes less or more depending on if you have to wait to be seated. Your lunch in appetizer, entree and dessert so 90 minutes is what I would schedule.

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Sounds about right. You might get done a little quicker, but it’s better to plan “too long” than “too short”. Also, MM has a reputation of being a bit late to seat.