How long for droid depot?

My boarding group closes at 1230. Droid depot at 1145. Can it be done?

Depot should take about 30 - 40 minutes, if check-in and payment etc… go smoothly.

5 minutes to check-in

20 - 25 to build

5 to minutes to pay

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Hopefully if I’m only a few minutes late to ROTR I can convince them to let me in

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I haven’t heard them turning anyone away if late.

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Show up 15-20 minutes early for your 1145 – I did this twice and they let us get going


I would but doing B&B show at 11 and I think it’s about 35 minutes of I remember right

I just checked my pictures and it took me 40 minutes from the time I got into line to the time I finished and boxed up my droid…I would’ve told you it took me twice that…I was so plagued by indecision staring at that conveyor belt of droid parts.
So yes, I think it can be done!

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