How long for CRT breakfast

We have an 8:15am ADR for CRT, on a 9:00 park opening day. What time should I plan to arrive, and how long should the whole thing take?

We’ll be staying at Fort Wilderness, but we’re not opposed to Ubering to Contemporary if we need to get there earlier than is feasible on transportation.

There is an early boat to CR I think 6:30am. You can boat to CR and walk to MK (10 minute walk). They will let you in around 7:45am so I always try to arrive by 7:30am. CRT should be between 60-90 minutes for your meal.

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Awesome, thanks! That’s what I was thinking, as far as timing went. It’s good to know about the boat, since we actually really like the boats, and we’ll have a golf cart so getting to the dock shouldn’t be a problem.

Do you think we’d likely be done in time to get to Peter Pan within a few minutes of rope drop? We’re doing 7DMT and all of Tomorrowland another day (on our MNSSHP day), and it’s a CL3 day with no expected waits over 30 minutes, so Peter Pan is probably going to be the longest line we’d see.

PP is not far but that is a pricy meal to rush. I am guessing there will already be a bit of a line by the time you get there. My guess would is you would to arrive around 9:30am (if you take your time and don’t rush your CRT experience). You can plug it into a Touring Plan and see what expected wait would be. What about a FPP (9:00-10am) for PP? MK is a good park to use your 3 and easily get a fourth since there are so many options.

The expected wait is 23 minutes and later in the plan Pirates and Enchanted Tales are just a little shorter… I was going to try for an evening Frozen Ever After FPP, because the only other day we’ll be at Epcot is also our only HS day so we’ll want to use our FPP that day for Toy Story. It seems a shame to use them on waits that are 20 minutes or less and an evening at Epcot (CL1) would be nice.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how it all pans out. If the line is longer then we want to wait then maybe we’ll head to Haunted Mansion instead.

Here’s a tentative TP, but as things update (which they already have since I made it this morning) it all might go out the window… MK half-day