How long for BOG breakfast in plan?

I have a BOG breakfast planned for the 24 hour day. I thought it would be a good break after an early rise for rope drop. Does anyone have a time estimate on how long it will take me to get in and out of there?

Thanks in advance!

I’m allowing a one hour break for lunch so I think you’ll be fine with 45-60 minutes @perkins314! Enjoy!!

Per @Skubersky’s review of the BOG Breakfast in the TP Blog - “Because we lingered over our meal and looked around the restaurant, we didn’t depart until nearly an hour after arriving,”

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Lunch took us about an hour from the time we entered the line, ate, looked around for a few minutes, and left. Assuming breakfast would be about the same.

If you have an early res and eat quick you could probably be out in 30 min.

I took my time. I mean I really, really took my time ( more coffee, more pictures, bathroom, more pictures) and it was 45 minutes.

Thanks everyone. I was figuring about an hour, but just wanted to make sure I wasn’t too far off. I think I will leave it in the plan that way and then if we get out earlier it will be bonus time.