How long for a meal at Hollywood Brown Derby?

We have a 5:25 reservation for The Hollywood Brown Derby (DH, DW & DD10) with the Fantasmic package. I read somewhere that this restaurant is very slow and that it could take over 2 hours to eat here. Has anyone had a dining experience here? How long was your meal?
We have a FP for 90 minutes after our dinner reservation and I’m wondering if we should change that for a later time to allow for this slow dinner?

I was there for lunch in October. My son and I had complete meals: appetizers, entrées, and we shared desserts. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed my meal. It was not a Fantasmic Dinner Package. The meal took well over 90 minutes, but not quite two hours. I expect that most signature meals take about two hours.

We didn’t find it to be all that slow. That being said, we had looked over the menu in advance, so that when our waiter came to the table we were all ready to order. That was one of the most annoying things during my college years in the food service industry - you would go to a table to take their order and there was always one person who had been so busy yakking to (at?) the others that she had never looked at the menu.

EDIT: Also, we eat really fast. Like wolves. If you linger over a meal your results may vary.

Oh! I knew what I wanted, just like I know exactly what I will order at all six TS restaurants I will eat at in April! I ran into a large group sitting with two plaids that had our same waiter. They were seated after us, but ended up getting their food before us. It was not a problem for me, just one of those things you cannot plan for. Plan extra time!

We found the service very slow. And remember your FPP is an hour window. When does it open?

Aaargh! It looks like I’ve gotta go back and revise my TP. We have a FP for Voyage of the Little Mermaid scheduled after dinner. Dinner at 5:25. Show begins at 7:05 (6:45 FP time)

Is this the case for ALL TS dinners? I was sure the TP site suggested 90 minutes for TS meals so I made all TPs based on this…

90 minutes is usually enough time. I think the problem is that sometimes signature dining takes longer. How late is HS open? Can you wait and move the FO time from the restaurant if needed?

So… I adjusted our TP and moved our FP for Voyage to another time earlier in the day. If the meal is quicker than 2 hours, we’ll have a bit of extra free time. But, if it does last 2 hours, we won’t feel rushed and we can enjoy our long, leisurely (& hopefully delicious) dinner.
Thanks for the advice!


One thing I didn’t think of when remembering how long our HBD meal took is that it did take them some time to seat us. Although the process was pretty quick and efficient from the time we were seated, it was at least 20-30 minutes before our table was ready.

I didn’t find the service slow at all, but we did wait over 20 minutes to be seated.