How long does it take to eat dinner at Be Our Guest?

I am building my Touring Plans and have reservations at Be Our Guest. Can someone tell me their experience with how long it took them to eat at the castle and meet the Beast. Thank you!

I would plan on 90 minutes. It will probably take less time because they do like to get people in and out of there quite quickly, but it’s better to plan for the outside chance, just in case. This may have changed, but when we were there the beast walked through the dining room without stopping at tables. People who had finished eating lined up to met him in one of the side rooms after this procession. This repeated at regular intervals, so depending on timing, you could have a bit of a wait between finishing your meal and meeting him.

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It took us 90 mins last Aug with a 4.30 ADR - entree and dessert. We probably waited 10 minutes to meet the Beast.

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Thank you! That’s what I have built into my plan but I struggled with finding real experiences to verify!:+1:

I haven’t been since August of 2015, but we waited surprisingly long to get our table. After that though it went quickly, but we didn’t queue to meet the Beast.