How long does Disney springs take

Trying to plan an off day for our trip in early December. How much of the day should I expect to want to stay. I was hoping to try some good food for lunch& dinner (Raglan Rd , arts homecoming?) Plus, since it’s Christmas time I’d like to see what special things there r to do for the holidays, if any. Has anyone been during this time? How long do most people spend for a day? Other helpful information would be wonderful :heart:Thanks

I think the amount of time people spend has more to do with preferences than anything else. There isn’t a lot to do except eat and shop, even at Christmas. Some people can easily spend all day doing that!

My family enjoys a meal there, but is SO DONE after an hour. They don’t like malls or shopping! Maybe think about if your family would spend time at a big outdoor shopping area, like the shops in a touristy town center or an upscale mall? If you could happily spend a day doing that, then plan on a a solid chunk of time at Disney Springs. There are lots of unique stores there, and places to sit down for a snack or drink. If you would normally be in and out quickly or wouldn’t have fun shopping all day, then it would be better to choose a few top priority stores to go to before or after one meal.

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DS is a mall. A very large and very pretty one, but it’s a mall. The amount of time you spend there will be primarily determined by how much time you spend eating and looking around the shops. There is not a lot to “do” there. There is the movie theater, Splitsville (bowling), La Nouba, and entertainment that might be at HoB. In the evening there are usually a number of live music venues set up in various places, but I’m not sure if they are there during the day or not. I’ve spent 9-10 hours there and have left more because my feet were tired than because I was bored - but I’m a “shopper” - even if I’m not much of a “buyer”…

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Agree with the above - we normally spend about 3 hours there, including a TS meal. Only spend longer if we go to see a movie or do some bowling.

We are here now, literally I am outside MAC while my teenager shops. If you want lunch and dinner, I would come at lunch time and stay through dinner. That’s more shopping than I would want, but it might be just right for you. We are more in the 2.5-3 hour range including dinner. We just ate at Homecomin’ and it was fantastic.