How long does breakfast take?

I know it sounds like a stupid question…
I am hoping to have breakfast (for 2) at Grand Floridian the morning we depart.
We are staying at Contemporary.
We will have to take the Magical Express around 9:30 am…
Will an 8 am reservation work?
I can’t get one earlier… right now

It’s hard to say. Depends on what’s happening with the restaurant that day. I suggest letting your server know upfront you’re pressed for time. It has taken two hours before at The Wave and Tony’s.

You could arrive a bit early for this 8 am reservation, let’s say 7:45 am. Most restaurants will let you check in 15 min early.

That’s a little tight for me. I would keep trying for a 7am, or breakfast at the Contemporary. The travel time back to CR worries me, not the service time at GF.

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Agree. Not enough time for my comfort. I’d want an earlier reservation so I didn’t feel stressed and rushed the whole time I’m trying to enjoy my last minutes in the bubble.


you can check-in via mobile check-in on MDE 20 minutes before the ADR time

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After finishing breakfast at the GF, you will be dependant on taking the monorail back to the Contemporary right at the time when a lot of people will be using it to get to opening time at the MK. There is a very real possibility that you might have a wait where you cannot get immediately on the next available train.

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The Wave and the California Grill are closed on Sept 27… I think??

Breakfast at the Poly would be closer. It might be a 15 min walk?? Can someone confirm?

Other option is breakfast at airport? I am not sure what time some of those restaurants have breakfast till. It seems you are in a tight spot- fingers crossed that something earlier opens up

Poly is closer to GF, but they are staying at The Contemporary. You can’t really walk to Poly. (Well, you can, but it is a long hike, and takes you directly past GF!)

So it wouldn’t be faster to walk from contemporary to the Poly and back instead of GF?

Gotcha. I’m looking at the map. Poly is closer to GF than contemporary.

That’s called a Nope


There is no walking path that takes you from The Contemporary to the Poly that doesn’t take you past GF. (And this is only because of the walking path that opened up from MK to GF.)


this is actually a pretty good idea because we have to wait for the Covid test results… but it’s just not Disney…:disappointed_relieved:

are you no longer able to book two reservations at the same time? I remember there was a hack to do this…??