How long do you wait before putting HS into your itinerary?

With a 9 day trip, can we spend the first few days AK and Epcot before putting Hollywood Studios into the itinerary? Or this just silly? Should we be planning for this on the front end because of the difficulties in securing Star Wars related fast passes and BG? Are there particular days of the week in the Summer that getting BG and Star Wars fast passes would be easier? We’re doing Sunday to Monday in August (9 days park hopping).

This whole getting up hours before rope drop seems crazy, but if that is what it takes…

We have a 5 and 7 year old in tow. (For context, I was thinking that building the excitement and ride stamina through AK and Epcot might be the way to go and then hitting MK and HS).

For a trip in August, it’s too far away to tell if BGs will still even be used or even what the FPP tiers will be in August. BGs are not supposed to me a long term procedure. Plus, MMRR will be coming next month and that’s gonna shake up the whole FPP tiers system and possibly have it’s own BGs.

It took MF:SR six months after opening for it to have a standby & FPP queue.

But let’s assume BGs are in effect still…

If BGs are still going it’s due to there still being massive crowds for RotR. This means you’ll still have to get to the park an hour or so early to try to get a coveted BG for RotR. Even then it’s entirely possible to not get one. The BGs are typically gone in a matter of minutes. If doing RotR is an absolute “must do” for your family in this situation, I wouldn’t put it off.

I love planning and making TPs, but right now all you can do it wait. You should have a better idea after the July 4th holiday. (hopefully sooner :confused:)