How long do you have to cancel ADRs? Is

Is it different depending on what type of ADR it is? I have Ohanna booked twice for dinner and once for breakfast because I’m not sure when the 9 of us will all be able to attend. Thanks in advance!

You have to cancel by the day before your ADR or you will be charged a no show fee. I believe it is $10 per person.


You can also modify your reservation up to 20 minutes before to a date in the future and then cancel without penalty. For instance, one evening I had a 6:00pm Chef Art Smith’s reservation. It became obviously by 4pm that my crew was in no condition to head out to Disney Springs. So I modified my reservation to a date in the future (a few weeks out is when I found one) and then cancelled the reservation without penalty. The only downside to this is finding a reservation in the future. Some reservations are more difficult than others to find - Cinderella’s Royal Table due to popularity and Beaches and Cream due to the size of the restaurant have given me fits at times, but I have always been able to find something.


Be careful with modifying that close,for various reasons…

  • MDE could be down
  • Dining could be down
  • And sometimes the system doesn’t allow it to be done.

Also for dinner shows like SoA and HDDR, dining packages and pre-payable reservations, the terms can differ. It may be 48 hours before to get a refund. Not sure if these can all be modified either.


Thank you so much for the great recommendations! We may be modifying one tonight for tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it goes!