How Long Do Magic Wands Last?

About 4 years ago my wife bought a magic wand. How long do they last? Also I’m assuming we can bring it to the parks?

If you are talking about the universal wands, they last forever. If you go to the parks and the wand is not working you can bring it in for repair to Ollivanders.


There is nothing electronic in the wands. Instead they have a special tip that a camera picks up the motion of. As long as the tip of your wand is undamaged, you should be fine.

Even if the wand is damaged if you take it into Ollivander’s and request “wand repair” they will exchange it for a new wand, no questions asked. It was surprisingly quick and easy.

For those wondering how the wands work basically the tip is a reflective piece of material that infrared light bounces off of that cameras in the displays pick up. There are no actual electronics in the wands. So unless that tip is damaged the wand will work forever. Wands also work across resorts, so a wand from Orlando would work in Hollywood, Japan, and eventually Beijing.