How long do I hold out hope?

Going August 21-28th 2021. Any hope there might be a MNSSHP?

None of us know for sure, but I personally wouldn’t expect any of that this year.


I guess it is better to mourn it now that get my hopes up.

I do wonder though. Seems like Universal. figured out how to modify there events. I guess Disney did do the Halloween calvacade. Maybe they will add more like that?

I agree, if Disney wants to do it, they will. Universal is selling APs that included a ticket for HHN (about the same price as a 6 day Disney ticket) so it seems as if there is hope for Universal.

I personally gave up predicting what next month will be like, so 6 months is beyond me…


I have heard they hope to have parties, but in a modified form. Expect far fewer tickets to be sold, character appearances rather than meet and greets and so on.

I think we’ll have to wait until April or so to find out any real information.


I think it’s absolutely a possibility.

Vaccine rollout is happening pretty efficiently. And by late summer they will likely have the evidence they need to prove that vaccinated people do not spread the virus. That information combined with reduced community spread from vaccinations would end most major restrictions like masks and social distancing.

I have a trip planned in late October and I’m expecting there to be after hours events and parties.

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I think Disney will have some sort of Halloween themed, revenue generating, events next fall. I’m also sure that they have several different plans on the drawing board,

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I’m not predicting anything, because who knows. But I’m hoping for the Christmas party for my trip. Or just having the Christmas fun available to everyone. Either way, I’d be happy.

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