How long can you park at Contemporary resort for Chef Mickey's ADR?

We’re staying at CBR but are going to drive to CR for Chef Mickey’s on a Sunday (at 10am) in June. Is there any problem with leaving our car there until about 4pm?

You are technically given a three hour window for parking when you have an ADR at a particular resort. I haven’t seen any personal reports of someones car being towed, but I would imagine that they are a lot stricter about it in MK resorts where it’s more likely to happen.

If you choose to valet park that actually gives you a 24 hour parking window. The cost for Valet is $20 + tip unless you have a tables in Wonderland card.

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“Technically” the free valet parking with TiW is for the duration of the meal, but I don’t know that anyone checks. If you have handicapped plates, valet parking is free anywhere, without time limits.

Thanks for the info. We were going to just spend a half day at MK, just long enough to burn 3 fast passes, and ride a couple others. So based on that, we might be better off just parking at TTC or taking the bus.

I’ve had breakfast at the wave and parked early, gone to the park, back to cr for breakfast, back to the park and left the car the whole time. We parked in the back of the lot, and we didn’t have an issue