How legit is

We’re thinking of staying at Wyndham Bonnet Creek, but it’s only affordable via Anyone have experience with this? Is there a reasonable way to tell whether a listing is legit? I’m scared we’ll show up and find ourselves without a place to stay.

The website is totally legitimate as is its sister company Home away. Read all the security safety advice on the site. I have used 2 times no problem. The company holds the money until the second day of your rental to help prevent fraud. I won’t rent from anyone who has less than 5-10 good reviews over a 3 year period. Its pretty much common sense. The listing tells you how long they have been members so avoiding new listees with no feedback is a must for me. There are a few scammers get through but pay via their companies payment system instead of direct to owner will protect your money in the event of a problem

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VRBO is very legit - we have used it many times as both a renter and an owner. Just be sure to do your due diligence (check reviews, references, etc) and always have a proper rental agreement.

Two thumbs up for VRBO and Homeaway - have rented through them both!

We have used VRBO multiple times in the Orlando area and have always been very pleased. Now you can submit payment directly through VRBO and I think is guaranteed up to $1,000 for free and can buy additional insurance if desired. WBC is also a great choice, we stayed in a 2 bedroom about 4 years ago and had an amazing time!

Thanks everyone. I’m going to give it a try.

@felicia3333 - VRBO is legit. But be aware that all the people listed on it are individuals separate from the site. You’ll need to read the reviews carefully and I’d be wary of booking with someone without any reviews.

I booked some miami accommodation through VRBO for our trip, the owner was fabulous, as were the accommodations.
So make sure you do your research and you should be fine. I would definitely use the site again, but only with a well reviewed owner.

We also stayed at Bonnet Creek, and booked through Ken and Denise at Vacation Upgrades. I can’t recommend them enough, Ken was fantastic to deal with

thanks. Unfortunately Vacation Upgrades has no availability for our dates.